Unstoppable – Unbreakable


The goal is set, the path seems clear and we are on our way. Then the challenges start coming and it is taking us much longer to reach our goal than we thought it would. We find ourselves beginning to wonder: Am I being too unrealistic? Is ‘this’ good enough?

How can we ensure that we don’t, in fact, decide to dilute our goal? Settle for fifth, fourth, third or second best? How do we remain unstoppable and unbreakable?

First, how clear is your goal? Is it tangible in your mind’s eye? Imagine what it will be like to be ‘the you’ you envisage. Make it as tangible and real as possible in your mind’s eye, and allow yourself to begin to experience being that you.

At the same time, remind yourself that this is nothing new. The inner and original spirit of human beings is of truth and goodness, you are just returning to this. Sit in silence, connect to and experience your original truth and goodness.

Stay unstoppable, maintain the hope and courage that you will get there. In other words, keep unwavering faith in yourself, in your potential and in there being benefit in whatever is happening. Even if I can’t see it right now, I am being taken closer to my goal.

Keep unstoppable, check regularly that you haven’t taken a wrong turn. Signals to watch out for are inner distress, or relationships going amiss. Stop, check, change direction or re-trace your steps if needed. When we do we gain valuable experience, as well as the happiness of being back on track.

Be unstoppable, not a bulldozer. It is important to not discard our compassion, kindness and good wishes for others. Enjoy the journey and appreciate the goodness in others.

Unbreakable? Things that break easily tend to rigid and hard. So, to be unbreakable we need to be flexible. Circumstances change, being flexible is about adjusting to such changes without loosing sight of our goal. This makes the journey easier and us unbreakable.

Being unbreakable, is also about being resilient or less sensitive about things others may say or do.

Staying unbreakable, melt a bit. Ironically, the layers of protection we build around ourselves, as a result of upsetting experiences, can leave us feeling imprisoned. To melt these layers, first of all, get to know the best in yourself. Get to know the truth about who you are. In this awareness we can then turn towards God, God’s unconditional love can melt our layers.

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