Mood Management

Mood ManagementA mood is different from an emotional reaction. Emotions are like the waves created on the surface of the lake by the wind. They tend to be reactions to external situations and short lived. Can you count how many emotions you experienced today?

A mood is something deeper and it lasts for longer. Moods influence our interpretation of events, our outlook and interactions with others. They can be positive or negative. Negative moods are often the influence of our past experiences. We easily feel trapped in them and no matter what we do, we just can’t seem to shake it off!

How about the pessimistic (I’ll never get a job) versus the optimistic (I will get a job) mood? The ‘rejected’ mood with it’s pervading expectation of rejection? Or what about the other kind of moods we seem to drift through daily: the happy and light-hearted mood; the angry and fiery mood; the cool and unruffled mood.

Everyone wants to be in a positive mood don’t they? Does anyone go on a course to learn how to create and perfect an unhappy mood? So, what can we do to free ourselves from negative moods? The secret is to know our true value and uniqueness, and to divest ourselves of any false beliefs we may be holding.

We tend to define who we are based on our appearance, position, job or wealth rather than by our inner qualities, values and identity. We all share an original state of peace, love, wisdom, purity and happiness. When we begin to work with these and express these we increase our self-respect, self-belief and our positivity. As we align with our truth we feel more & more content and less & less needy and our prevailing mood becomes more and more light and positive. It all begins by choosing to generate something positive from within.

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