Believe in Yourself

Do you believe in yourself? And to what extent do you believe in yourself? Living in the way we do, looking at others and constantly comparing has given more chance for worthlessness and uselessness to play a part in our life. You see, when we look at others we always feel that we’re not good enough or something to that effect. And overall, that can affect our self esteem, the confidence I have in myself.

So, when next standing in front of the mirror, say to yourself, “I am wonderful!” and mean it. Can you do it? Did you feel silly? Do you feel wonderful?

Having self esteem is purely about feeling good about yourself. It enables me to appreciate, honour myself and to also the value that I have.

You have to believe in yourself. Below is a chart, fill it out and see how much worth you give yourself, how much value you give yourself, and how much you really think about yourself.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = lowest, 5 = highest), how do you rate yourself in terms of positive and negative qualities?  










Inner Turmoil

Inner Peace

Lack of Self-Respect


Stay in Comfort Zone

Take Calculated Risks

Crumble with Constructive Criticism

Learn from Constructive Criticism

Critical of Others

Accepting of Others

Obstacles are Barriers

Obstacles are Opportunities



My self esteem should come from within myself, the place that holds my positive qualities. However, what do we base our self esteem on?

Possessions, wealth, position, appearance, age, title, rank, family, connections etc.

Positive qualities, values, authenticity, originality, appreciation etc.

Take the example of an iceberg. 10% is visible for everyone to see whereas 90% is hidden underwater. The 10% is the part influenced by whichever way the wind is blowing, i.e., current opinions; appearances; latest fashion etc. The 90% however, is below the surface and influenced more by the deeper currents, i.e., our inner and authentic self.

So, what is this “inner self”?
Our positive qualities and values both are a part of my original nature. The part of me that is solid, never shaken and can never be unnerved. It is where peace, love, wisdom, strength, freedom, clarity, and spiritual experiences reside. It can be said as the one place that will hold all of my best details within.

How do we access our “inner self”?
We need to observe our self and attain self-knowledge.

  1. Acknowledge your five original inner qualities of peace, love, power, joy and purity.
  2. Reflect on them and allow yourself to go into the experience of them in meditation.
  3. Share them with others and day by day restore your positive self. Peace, for example, can be expressed as patience, calmness, tranquillity or serenity. Love as kindness, caring, compassion, acceptance or generosity. Joy as lightness, easiness, happiness, laughter or humour.

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