360 Degrees of Presence


What does having presence mean? Can you think of someone you know who has presence? Sometimes we give people high prominence in our mind, however, this is different to presence. Real presence, like the sun, influences without wanting attention and can change the atmosphere of a room.

Real presence is something we can all have. To attain presence we need to become ‘present’ and re-claim our own inner power. “I am aware of being present right here, right now. I feel at ease and I am aware of my own inner stillness, peace, freedom and power”. Inner power is about having the inner strength to not react, be surprised or agitated by anything and maintain my inner stillness and positivity.

More often than not we are not ‘present’- we have either drifted off into the past, future or a daydream. Alternatively, we might escape into a movie, book or into emails, Facebook and Twitter. Either way, we are no longer aware of our self as separate from the ‘story’. Can you watch a film, for example, without any reactions, likes or dislikes? Does this sound boring? If it does, this is a sign that, you are seeking to escape the present moment and distraction.  

360 degree of presence is about the quality of our consciousness. Imagine a dark room and then turn on the light. The light fills the room and you see the furniture that is there and the shadows that are cast. The consciousness is the exact same. When we turn on the light of consciousness we illuminate any ‘furniture’ that is there and the ‘shadows’ it casts. Shadows can be cast by, for instance, difficult relationships.

All these shadows can be removed. To remove the shadow cast by a difficult relationship, send powerful good wishes to that person; try it and see how that relationship improves. We can then extend this to giving light to the whole world, this helps us remove a lot of shadows.The light of consciousness is designed and meant to radiate outwards in all directions, to touch others and the world.

Another tip: the screen of our mind can be likened to a computer desktop. We open many screens and flick from one to another. So too, we all have many ‘stories’ running and we jump from one to another and back again all day long. We then go to bed feeling drained and exhausted. To experience 360 degree of presence, for a moment just close down all the screens.

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