Opportunity or Destiny?

Opportunity or Destiny?If you look at where you are today, would you say that, on the whole, it has been your own choices and decisions that have brought you ‘here’? Was it an opportunity that set you on your path? Or was it destiny?

Sow a thought and reap an action.
Sow an action and reap a habit.
Sow a habit and reap a destiny.

Is our future really set in stone without us having a say in the matter, or do we have some control over how we want our life and our future to be?

Take a minute to just reflect on this.

If the way I think and act has created my ‘today’, then is it possible that how I think and act today can and will shape my future?

When opportunity strikes, I have to grab it by the horns and hold on. However, the little old habits we hold and cherish have a funny way of showing up and restricting me from approaching these opportunities with a smile.

Now, we all know that there are things in life that we can’t change, some of the things are just meant to be.

But, all in all, there are a few things that I can change, something for the better. One part of me I do hold control over are my own habits and thus, my destiny.

To change a habit:

1/ Remember, it all begins with choice, the choice to take personal responsibility for ourselves and for our life.

“You matter, what do you matters, and what you do today can change your future possibilities”.

2/ Set your intention. What do you see in your future, what is the dream you hold? Is it a happy future or a sad one? Our future vision is going to determine (consciously or unconsciously) the decisions we make. Remember, it is your destination.

3/ We know what we want our destination to be. So let’s step back a bit, and see where we are starting out from. Take moments out to reflect about your present self so that you can see what it is that you want to change in order to reach your destination. Just don’t get in the habit of thinking too much.

Allow the mind to become quiet. A still mind is needed for there to be clarity. Try beginning and ending your day with a meditation, it’s a calming and soothing tool for the mind.

Now, knowing who you are and where you want to go, just be ready for when opportunities come knocking. There will always be moments for you to learn and grow into who you want to be.

We often miss opportunities because we are focusing on the problem not the opportunity in it; we fear making the wrong decision; we aren’t prepared; we hesitate or we give up too soon. However, to move forward seize the opportunity. Life is now and the time is now. Stay focused on the positive possibility and then you can’t lose out, because even if it doesn’t ‘work out’ you’ll find that you have learnt something valuable.

Dream and follow your dreams and see how your life changes. There will be enthusiasm just thinking about where you are going and you will be begin to enjoy the journey as you know that all you are learning today is the beginning of greater things to come. The future then no longer seems fearful but a place eagerly anticipated.

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