Alone, Not Lonely

Loneliness is not just about being on our own when we don’t want to be. Loneliness occurs even when we’re “in a crowd.” Even though we come into contact with many people during our daily routine – in the office, on our commute, socially or even online – yet we can still feel disconnected! Loneliness Continue reading »

Survive and Thrive: Flexibility

Which has more importance to you: work, life outside work, or both? Or can you flex and balance? If work is more important, is it that you’ve tied up your value with what you ‘do’? If it is life outside work, have you become inflexible with work? Are you afraid of taking on new projects Continue reading »

A Know-It-All

It’s like being a living breathing walkie-talkie encyclopaedia- with answers for just about anything and everything! It’s easy to be perceived as a know-it-all and not even realise it. Unfortunately most of us have started off with “Did you know…?” even when we weren’t asked for our opinion (that includes me!) A know-it–all attitude is Continue reading »

Inner Wizard

What is a Wizard or Witch? They are visionaries; masters of the elements (they understand the laws of energy and nature); keepers of ancient knowledge and teachers. They focus on their potential and others’ potential; they see the bigger picture and work with it… and they fulfil a big destiny. They are associated with good Continue reading »


Have you ever resented someone because of their success? Or justified their success, with some trivial reason, so that you can easily dismiss them and feel better? Or even dismissed their success as “not my cup of tea”? Most of the time jealousy is subtle. Most of us would be embarrassed to be caught with Continue reading »

Tap into Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the unconscious mind. It is the hidden part of the iceberg. It is the big, heavy suitcase that we are carrying balanced on the top of our head. The one that, if asked, ‘What is in that suitcase that is so important that you never put it down?’ we would find Continue reading »

Avoid Indecision

I thought I knew how to start this blog and now, “hmmm… I’m not so sure…” Indecision happens to the best of us. So, why are we indecisive? Often we’re afraid to make the wrong choice, we’re afraid of what the outcome maybe. If this is the case, then make yourself understand that no-one ever Continue reading »

In Celebration of Harry Potter!

Today the last Harry Potter film goes on general release in the UK. To mark the occasion, here are some musing on ‘Harry Potter’ from a recent Sunday night talk… H is for… Humility, which also enables us to face and have compassion for our ‘dark side’. A is for… Above. Play quidditch! Fly above Continue reading »

Stop Being Hurt

At some time or another we’ve all experienced our share of hurt. But sometimes, we become so wrapped up in the past that we continually replay scenes, events, sounds, images of the person we believe “did me wrong”. As we recall the hurt, we’re recreating our feelings of hurt. At this point, I’m hurting me. Continue reading »

Curb Your Greed

Greed – an old fashioned word but it still affects us all. We all have greed for something. Yes, even you! A bigger house, a better career…? Are you aware of what you want? How do you deal with greed? By getting what you want? I thought as much! And then what? More clothes, more Continue reading »

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