Avoid Indecision

Avoid IndecisionI thought I knew how to start this blog and now, “hmmm… I’m not so sure…” Indecision happens to the best of us.

So, why are we indecisive? Often we’re afraid to make the wrong choice, we’re afraid of what the outcome maybe. If this is the case, then make yourself understand that no-one ever makes the right decisions 100% of the time! In fact, life is a continuous stream of decision making. Look through your life – go on, turn the pages all the way back to page one. Just see how so many of your “wrong” decisions turn out to be the “right” ones and so many of your “right” decisions can be the “wrong” ones! So, remind yourself, again and again that there is no formula for successful decision making. It’s all about trial and error. Repeat after me: I give myself permission to make mistakes.

Avoid indecision:

  • Make decisions quickly, but don’t rush.
  • Give yourself time to think clearly. Think through all the avenues. View the alternatives. Make thoughtful decisions, but don’t take too long and over-think.
  • Set a time limit.
  • Know when you need to gather information and know when to work with less.

We all know how easy it is to help other people make their decisions and that’s because it’s easier to be objective when we’re not completely emotionally involved. So if you want to get good at making decisions, get good at stepping back from the situation, mentally and emotionally. Then you’ll know what’s best for you and what choice to make.

Once you’ve made the decision, don’t look back and re-hash it, especially if there is little or no option for change. If your decision is not working out, be flexible and see if changing it is an option. If you don’t have the option to change your decision, then like with anything else, just take the opportunity to make it work for you!

If you decide not to decide, that’s still a decision. So you see – there’s no avoiding it. Just be confident and make the decision. You made a decision – to read this.

This blog is part of “The A – Z Challenge”, shifting one negative habit a week into a positive. For more info on the challenge, click here: https://www.innerspace.org.uk/challenges/a-z-challenge.php

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