Are You Being too Vague?


Welcome to the wonderful world of vague communication! Here’s where we speak in vague generalities.

At times we are intentionally vague. It’s just easier to ‘small talk’ in a friendly way. It saves time in a conversation. It also stops people interfering in our life. Believe me, some people can be so inquisitive, wanting to know everything, even though it’s none of their business.

Do you think it’s best to communicate vaguely? Well, being vague does have its ups and downs. In some situations, less information is more. But vague should not be in vogue.

Vague communication isn’t easy to understand. It lacks important information and produces vague results. So, take the vagueness out of your communication.

Did you know that words account for less than 20% of communication, so it makes sense to ensure that your words are clear!

How many times have you asked someone to do something and then got mad because they didn’t do it accurately? Let’s just look at this: were you clear in your explanation or were you dropping hints hoping they would get the message? Don’t rely on hints to get your job done, otherwise you’ll wait all day. Just remember that everything we say is interpreted differently by different people.

There are times when we’re vague and gloss over stuff because we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. But if we want relationships to grow and flourish, sometimes it’s worth taking a few risks. How? Get good at expressing yourself honestly and respectfully without the fear of offending.

And when you’re being vague, others may take advantage of your confusion or inability to set a firm expectation. I’m sure you’ve noticed how kids jump all over vagueness, especially when boundaries aren’t clearly defined. So, watch out.

Catch yourself when you’re not being too clear, and work on eradicating it. Try elaborating on what you mean, give examples…

Is this post clear? Or are you still trying to decipher my point?

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