Creating Synchronicity


Living in synchronicity means… to be in the flow and find life to be full of magic moments, wonder and enjoyment. Synchronicity is about allowing things to happen, rather than labouring hard to make things happen. Stop and feel ‘How is my life?’

Choose to Invest in ‘You’
First of all begin investing in ‘you’, by getting to know and understand ‘you’ and by developing your potential. To invest in ourselves means to bring out the best in ourselves. It means to invest time in self-discovery and learning the art of conversing with ‘you’. Who are you really and what is your purpose here? How do I really want to feel? As we begin to realise our value, we start to accept and love ourselves. From this acceptance and love, our lives become beautiful and begin to flow with ease.

Set Your Intention
It is important that our intention is clear. Ask yourself: Why do I do what I do? What is my intention in doing this? To contribute? To take? If our intention is to become the best that we can be, we will find that life will start bringing to us whatever it is we need in order to become that and develop those qualities. We will start attracting the right people and opportunities into our lives. In fact life is always offering us opportunities. It’s just that when we are caught up in day to day tasks and worries we don’t always see them. By being clear about our intention we awaken to the opportunities in front of us, we even start to welcome difficult situations as they become opportunities to grow.

Invest in Your Mind
Our thoughts create our ‘state of mind.’ So start thinking in terms of how to benefit yourself. Take off the old record of ‘life is unfair’ for example and put on a new one, such as, life is beautiful and I am the hero of my life.

Invest in Your Vitality
Also, in meditation connect with your higher levels of energy of peace, love and happiness. We tend to be in a low vibration, where there are problems, complaints, anxiety and fear. Low energy attracts low energy. Meditation creates higher energy and strength to conquer problems and fear and to live with trust.

Look out for:
Indecision. Ask, ‘Will this help me to grow?’ rather than ‘What do I want?’
Resistance. Often we resist opportunities as we are afraid to leave our comfort zone, even if we aren’t happy it is familiar and we don’t have to make any effort.
Wanting to be in Control. We can’t be in the flow if we are trying to control. It is good to plan a bit, only don’t over-plan. When planning less we are more open to what comes, and this often turns out to be better than what we expected.
Expectations: of our self, others and life. Expectations cut the flow. Instead know who you are and build your own inner strength and resilience. We are then better able to accept others and allow them to be who they are.

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