Are You Guilty of Being Superficial?


Being superficial is looking on the surface, at the outside rather than what’s truly inside. The cars people drive, their style, beauty, fashion… we’re all guilty of it. At the same time, we become so fixated on other people’s lives (and on celebrities) that we view their lives more than our own.

Do one thing. Stand in front of the mirror. What do you see? Your face, the blemishes, the hair… We seem to get caught up in our superficial labels and physical attributes: job, roles, and achievements – valuing the superficial over the deep.

Being superficial means we are also acting from the surface, rather than from the depth of ourselves. Why? Are we just trying to fit in with everyone else? Or is it because we want to impress or please others? Or are we fearful of being different? Of being rejected?

What does it cost you to live on a superficial level? Would you like to be more real? How?

Try this: take time out to meditate and discover the depth of your true self… Like a tortoise withdraws into its shell, I too can withdraw my energy from everything I see around me. Moving beyond the superficial labels and masks, I turn my attention within. Turning inwards allows me to see my true self – a point of radiant light filled with peace, positivity and power.

The more we experience our true self, the more we can express our true self and be our true self no matter what is happening around us.

Go on, develop a deep connection with yourself and stay aligned with your truth. Go beyond the surface to see inwards, and learn to live from your depth. See the depth of character, depth of emotion and depth of quality in the world around you.

Be real. Be genuine. Be authentic.

Be yourself – in everything that you are and in everything that you do!

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