Inner Feng Shui


Inner Feng Shui is about clearing our blocks, so that we can flow with life, create internal happiness and have a positive impact on those around us.

Internally, we have a lot of things within ourselves that stems the growth of having a positive and happy life.

So what blocks our energy and how do we apply this inner Feng Shui?

What blocks our energy?
1. Not being prepared to change our thinking
2. Not taking responsibility for our own well-being
3. Resisting change (using our energy in trying to keep things the same)
4. A lack of self-esteem
5. Reacting rather than responding to situations
6. Suppressing feelings
7. Comparing and criticising

Applying Inner Feng Shui
1. Adopt the attitude: There is benefit in everything, even if I don’t see what it is just now
2. Have the courage to accept yourself as you are right now with all your failings
3. Choose to take responsibility for how you think (clean out the clutter of negativity)
4. Start appreciating you and enjoy being you
5. Learn to choose your responses and talk to yourself positively
6. Have faith in the self: ‘I have the resources to deal with whatever comes in front of me’
7. Give your mind ‘rest breaks’. First thing in the morning allow yourself to experience a moment of inner calm and positivity, then throughout the day come back to this experience

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