Boost Your Confidence

Boost Your ConfidenceCan you say without doubt, ‘This is where I want to be and this is what I want to be doing’? Real confidence comes when we feel we are living our truth, on purpose and aligned with life. This comes from knowing who we are. This is deeper than ‘everyday’ confidence. To know who we are is the biggest confidence boost of all.

How do we develop this type of confidence?

The most direct route is to zoom in on ‘Who am I?’ Yet, often we are afraid to do just this. Why? What are we afraid will happen? Question your fear. When we face our fears they lessen and eventually dissipate. Ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ ‘What are my original qualities?’ Sit in the awareness that you are a peaceful or loving or happy soul. What is there to be fearful in this? Allow yourself to experience your original qualities of peace, love and happiness. As you do, your confidence in yourself will grow. To get started click here.

Watch out for the Confidence Killers.

Doubt is a big ‘Confidence Killer’, showing to the world that you can’t do or face something. Instead be determined to hold your ground against doubt. After all, what is doubt? It is just a thought. ‘I can do it.’ This is a thought too. It is a determined thought. Play with thoughts and see how different ones affect your confidence.Confidence is just a thought away.

Also, practice living in the moment as there is no fear in this moment. Doubt is almost always related to recalling something of past. ‘Right now I am powerful and I can.’

Watch out too for those critical voices. There is the inner one and then there are the outer ones (others). Why do you listen to these? Why do you assume these critical voices are true? When we entertain these thoughts, we invite doubt to come in and join us for tea and biscuits! Why not listen to the encouraging ones instead and invite them in for tea instead?

One reason we entertain these critical voices is that they allow us to stay in our comfort zones. However, staying within them erodes our confidence over time. If we want to boost our confidence, we need to dare to extend them. We need to dare to face our fears: to ask ‘Who am I?’ See how you tick. Check out, ‘Who is managing my thoughts?’

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