Mindfully Emotional

450879_22888274No matter what our belief, our faith or our political standing may be, we can still get along with everyone.  It’s quite a tall order to ask from ourselves, and yet it’s not only possible, but essential, if we want to make our lives meaningful and leave an impact.  All it requires from us is to exercise emotional mindfulness.

Being emotionally mindful doesn’t require us to be overly-sensitive to other people’s beliefs or that we tread around them as if walking on egg shells.  It’s not a rigid responses system or black and white, right or wrong, approach to others.

Mindfully emotional is meeting another not just as a human being, but as a valuable member of the community.  It is meeting others’ with equal amounts of compassion, respect and dignity.

When our perception is one of compassion and respect, we are available to listen, understand, support and empower others. Not just to listen well, but we see through all four steps, to empowering others. We don’t avoid or dismiss others, but truly care.

Emotionally mindful isn’t just about doing the right thing, but it’s about being in a powerful space myself.  It’s interesting that when there is dignity in our attitude we don’t feel drained by other people.  Our personal dignity leads us to be proactive in care.  It spots and supports new initiatives and ground breaking ideas.  It sees potential in others.  Personal dignity brings out the best in others.

To start the mindfully emotional process, or keep it simply bubbling along through busy days, consciously choose to be present in your next conversation. And then the next, anon.

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