Making Changes Easier

CHANGEtree-of-change-1-1077609-mSometimes we look for change, welcoming it into our lives and at other times we don’t want things to change. However, to resist change is like trying to hold back a river. We can dam it for a while, but not forever and in the meantime we have exhausted ourselves trying to hold it back.

On a scale of 1-10, what would you say is your changeability score is? Beginning at 1 with, ‘I dig my heels in’ … ‘I resent change’ … ‘I grumble about change’ … to ‘I accept change as part of life’ … ‘I embrace change’ at 10.

How do we increase our changeability score?
One, be real. Change is inevitable. In fact, when you think about it, no two seconds can ever be exactly the same- something is different somewhere in the world. Know what you can change and what you can’t change.
Action: Begin by talking to yourself realistically about change.

Two, make change work for you rather than being its victim. When we move ourselves from feeling a victim of change to accepting change we begin to empower ourselves. By accepting change we enable ourselves to learn new things, discover new things about ourselves, and develop our creative skills.
Action: Set yourself the challenge of finding the gift in past changes and then move onto present changes.

Three, make your inner anchor strong. This may sound a contradiction, yet it is not. When we have a strong inner anchor, we don’t get tossed around by external storms so easily and are able to stay on course or on purpose.

Try this: read the list of following words. Read it slowly and allow yourself to notice the feeling the word creates in you.
Sunset. Sunrise. An orange. A knife. A rose. A lion. A cut. Water. The North Pole. Peace. Myself.

Did you notice how your feelings swung from positive to negative? This is what happens to us everyday… the adverts, posters, news headlines and conversations we have. We ebb and flow. Up and down. This constant change in our feelings makes it harder for us to deal positively with change.

Action: Strengthen your inner anchor daily. In the morning sit for 5 minutes and focus on ‘I am peace.’ Then remind yourself of this throughout the day.

When we accept and embrace change we become flexible, adaptable and unafraid of change. We know that we can handle it. This enables us to start appreciating today and to stay in the moment so that we can take its full benefit. Things will come, things will go, things will change… and it is all OK.

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