Manage Your Energy


Sometimes life seems like a Formula One race, with lots of short sprints calling on us to give it our all. At other times a steadier and longer-lasting pace may be what is needed. In either case, there are some universal energy management principles we can use to ensure that we don’t wake up one day and find ourselves out of fuel.

Self Awareness
When we lose ourselves in a task or role the danger of exhaustion or burnout exists. If we heed it, self awareness acts like an early warning system, preventing us from losing ourselves in one thing and running out of fuel and energy. It tells us if we need to take a break, a walk in nature, sit down to a family meal or simply re-balance. Reflection, meditation, practising being in the present moment are all ways of increasing our self-awareness.

Once we develop self awareness and become centred, we can re-charge our battery. The more charged our battery is the more resilient we are and the less we waste our energy. Maintaining our battery doesn’t need to take a lot of time either. It can be, for instance, as simple as stopping for one minute of stillness and digital-free moments in-between tasks.   It’s just taking a moment to be self aware

Connecting with Others
Connecting with others face-to-face, rather than digitally, enables us to experience a deeper sense of belonging. However, it may be that we find some people leave us feeling tired and drained. What can we do about this if we aren’t able to avoid them?

First, stop and check how you are thinking about them. Are you being critical? Dwelling on their faults? If so, find at least one positive quality about them or kind thing that they have done. Next, when they come to mind, or before you next see them, remind yourself of that. When we are negative towards others, we are actually robbing ourselves of our own positive energy. When we are compassionate towards others we increase our positive charge.

Connecting with Time
Are you over-doing? It is great to take an inventory of all you are doing. Reflect on it and re-prioritise. Be honest with yourself about tasks that you can drop to free-up time for more fulfilling projects. When we are doing things that we find fulfilling we automatically feel more energy within ourselves.

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