Tips For Creating Serenity

Four tips to create serenity, that serves to anchor us, in the midst of whatever storms and upheavals may come our way.

Tip 1: Introduce 10 Second ‘Stop’ Breaks.
We rush, rush, rush…. and by the end of the day we are exhausted. Stop breaks allow us to relax, recharge and refresh our minds so that we don’t end the day feeling exhausted or overwhelmed.

The good thing? They can be as short as 10 seconds. The important thing? Make them count! In other words don’t rush stopping – really stop. Make one thought equal one second, equal one breath, equal one heartbeat. What thought? Pick something like I am calm or I am tranquil.  Just make sure it is a peaceful, loving and accepting thought, as it is these types of thoughts that charge us.  It’s simple, to stop: withdraw your mind from all other thoughts and let it rest on your chosen thought for the 10 seconds.

Tip 2:  Approach with trust (ie use the power that comes from faith).
Do you believe in who you are? Believe in what you are doing? Believe in today’s opportunities? When we believe in ourselves and what we are doing faith grows. When we live with faith we worry less about how things are going to happen – we know they will come together. Faith generates courage, enthusiasm, determination and enables us to move forward. In contrast to, self-doubt and worrying about how things will happen. When we have faith we don’t need to know every detail in advance, for example, when we get on a plane without knowing the pilot we are living with faith.

Tip 3: Balance the Positive.
Anything taken to the extreme, even a positive quality, can backfire on us and leave us stressed. Every positive quality has a balancing opposite. When used together they keep us serene. We may, for example, be very organised. Taken too far though, we can feel pressurised, leaving no room for creativity and suffocating others. Organisation needs to be balanced with flexibility. Likewise flexibility with organisation, otherwise things would fall apart.

Other examples are, focus needs to be balanced with gentleness and mercy with detachment.  Mercy needs detachment because otherwise we run the risk of making others dependent on us. When there is the balance of detachment we are able to support others to stand on their own two feet, to the point where they don’t need me anymore and we feel OK about this.

The reality is we tend to be stronger in one of the duo, in which case we need to remember to make sure we pay extra attention to the second one. A good exercise is to write down all your strengths and see if you are tempering them with their opposite positive.

Tip 4: Practise tapping into unconditional love.
Seeds need sunlight. The sun enables them to grow against gravity into their full potential. The sun doesn’t create the uniqueness of the seed, it helps it flourish and blossom. The sun is democratic – it shines on all. Tap into unconditional love. We can feel its warmth when we turn towards it with an honest heart and pure motives. The seed no longer feels that it is battling alone; it has the companionship of the Sun and is able to grow and flourish in safety.

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