Develop Your Intuition

Develop Your Intuition

Does intuition exist? What is it? How can we strengthen it? There is the physical world we perceive through our five senses and then there is our inner world of thoughts, feelings and hopes. We don’t ‘see’ these, yet, would you agree, they definitely exist? What about the conscience? Is its’ bite not real? It is the same with intuition, it is just that it has not been listened to and has become silent with lack of use. We may even have been educated out of using it or discouraged from following it on the grounds that it is unreliable.

Intuition is also sometimes referred to as our 6th sense or our inner guide. It is our intuition that picks up on atmospheres, that creates the feeling that something is going to happen and that just knows. Our intuition, like any muscle, is strengthened when we exercise it. At first it is bound to be a bit hit and miss. Each miss is a chance to understand what it is and what it isn’t more clearly. As long as we keep going we will become more attuned to it.

There are three areas of our lives where intuition works particularly well. Exercising our intuition in one or more of these areas which enhances our ability to recognise what it is and isn’t and to strengthen it.

A) Attaining our Intention. Our intention gives us direction. When we don’t have a direction, we find ourselves drifting on the sea of life, getting tossed about here and there. When we set our intention our intuition will start to kick in to guide us to attain it.

Have you set your intention in life? It doesn’t necessarily have to be outwardly focused. It is just as much about setting how you want to feel in life, such as, happy and empowered, or the kind of person you want to be. Good questions we can ask ourselves are: What sort of influence do I want to have on others? How do I want others to feel when they are around me? What ‘feeling’ do I want to leave behind me?

B) Living on Purpose. Do you believe you have a purpose? Something you are called to do, learn or experience? Have you investigated this for yourself? We each have a purpose –something special to share with the world- and the more aligned we become with this, the more the feeling of our inner knowing grows. This is our intuition speaking to us.

C) Conscious Actions. Everything we do –our thoughts, words and actions- causes an effect. Our actions count. Our intuition can help us align our everyday actions with our intention, purpose and deepest soul identity. We will know we are on course when our actions have positive results. When upset, irritation or hurt are the result, these are good indicators that we are of-course.

As with any little used muscle, it takes practice to build up the muscle of our intuition. So be patient with yourself, learn and keep going. Stay alert and you will begin to notice things that otherwise you might have missed.

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3 thoughts on “Develop Your Intuition”

  1. I am expressing a feeling of gratitude on this subject “Intuition”, but with words. Just as I am feeling.

    Thank you.

  2. It’s best to distinguish the our bodies in terms of 3 types : Gross, Subtle and Causal. The Gross and Causal have one each, while Subtle has 16 aspects, one is “thought” having 4 categories : intellect, mind, memory and ego. All 4 are ‘known’ to you, making them objects, to the subject which is the observer/experiencer/knower. This knower is the witness, the infinite consciousness. This neutral point of Absolutism is where the so called intuition exists.

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