Making A Difference?

Making A Difference?Almost every day, images of suffering, war and violence flash across our TV screens. Inside we maybe feel sad, angry, fearful or numb. We may feel that we want to help, yet find ourselves at a loss to know what we can do. We are then left feeling even more distressed, hopeless and powerless. These feelings then stay with us throughout the day, having an additional knock on effect on our sleep, the quality of our interactions and our effectiveness. It is like we become caught in a downward spiral without even knowing it or realizing it’s effecting us.

Is there a way that we can make a difference?  We have all probably heard the saying: ‘Charity begins at home.’ Have you ever reflected on the saying though? It holds an empowering secret. It tells us that the way to make a difference is to begin ‘at home’ and that this can then have a ripple effect out into our communities, our country, our world. It means that we need to begin with ourselves. The next ‘at home’ is our immediate world and after that is the larger world. The secret is that when we grow our own inner positivity, we automatically have a positive affect on those around us and then those further afield.

How do we empower ourselves? The short-cut method is to re-connect with and foster our innate qualities of compassion, wisdom… As we let these feelings emerge into our consciousness, anger, stress and fear begin to dissolve – simply put, there is less space for them to occupy in head or heart. Also, the more we actively choose not to dwell on negative things the more time we have to spend in growing our inner positivity.

Feeling more empowered we begin to behave more optimistically and with more understanding towards others. We become a positive presence in the world. Think about the type of people you like to spend time with and the ones you are less keen to be with. What do the ones you like to be with have in common? Don’t you walk away after being with them, more empowered, inspired, uplifted, heard, hopeful, optimistic or with more understanding?

On a bigger scale too, we can’t underestimate the power of our good wishes and healing thoughts for those who are suffering and in pain in the world. More and more, science is discovering the power of healing thoughts even at a distance. We may not know the exact outcome of our good wishes, yet we can know that they count. We can and do make a difference.



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