Introversion: The Quiet SuperPower

Introversion: The Quiet SuperPowerIn a world full of uncertainty, change and shifting fortunes, where can we find solid ground? What, if anything, can keep us buoyant when we find ourselves in the midst of raging storms? Is there a way that we can even turn things around? When everything seems to be falling apart, our solid ground, buoyancy and power lies in our own inner resilience. The good news is that we can build up our inner resilience in advance, by using our quiet superpower of introversion.

Inner resilience has four essential aspects: Strength, Flexibility, Lightness and Tranquility. These qualities lie within us, which is why we need introversion. Introversion is the key to re-discovering these qualities within ourselves and bringing them to life. This is why it is considered a superpower.

First is strength. Inner strength relates to our ability to remain peaceful, loving and positive no matter what is happening. This isn’t a rigid strength. We know that it is the trees that know how to dance with the wind that survive the storms intact. So, this strength needs to be tempered by the second quality, flexibility. This is the ability to adapt to unexpected changes and grow stronger in the process. In short, we’re flexible, but never to compromise our peace, love or positivity.

Lightness is: the ability to stay light, see the funny side, keep faith, have hope and remain unburdened in the midst of challenges. Lastly, tranquility is needed, because when things are moving fast we need to make fast decisions. Tranquility allows attention without the tension, making our capacity to discern, decide and act much more accurate.

Introversion is the superpower that allows us to manifest these qualities within ourselves. To be introverted means to dive into the heart of our consciousness. It could be said that we have four levels of consciousness: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Introversion is to locate ourselves in our spiritual awareness. It is here that our inner resilience is anchored.

Spiritual awareness is the process where we re-connect with and experience our inner peace, love, joy, wisdom and power. We can then start to bring these qualities into our everyday actions and interactions. The more we do this the more we will find that we naturally become stronger, more flexible, lighter and tranquil.

Ultimately, introversion enables us to live more fulfilling and content lives. It empowers us to live in the present, not to over-think, to remain calm in a crisis, to respond positively to situations, and to choose to act according to our own inner values.

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