100 Words of Wisdom, part 3

Here is part 3 of the 100 Words of Wisdom from Dadi Janki.

  1. Stay in your self respect and give respect.
  2. Stop looking around and negatively commenting on what others are doing. Understand: we’re all different and we all have different roles to play.
  3. Be like a lotus flower. It takes what is useful and does not let the dirt and the mud spoil its beauty.
  4. Don’t get frustrated with others and think: this one will never change! Be patient, don’t give up on others.
  5. Before going to bed, look back at your day and check ‘What have I learnt from today?’ Don’t carry anything negative into your sleep.
  6. Accumulate lots and lots of inner peace, so that you don’t lose your inner peace at any time or in any situation.
  7. When you turn your focus of attention within, you will clearly see your inner beauty – a clear mind full of peace and a clean heart full of love.
  8. Go into an experience of stillness for one minute and the power of that will remain for the rest of the hour.
  9. Listen to the conscience: Once you understand what is right nobody can influence you to do anything that is not right.
  10. Our most valuable resource is right behind our eyes – the soul. Develop this resource.
  11. Love softens the hearts of others. Love can also empower others to become strong.
  12. I get asked: When are you going to retire? I have never been tired so why would I retire!
  13. When you are inspired by a point of wisdom, reflect on it, and revise it again and again so that it filters through into your character and life.
  14. Be worry free. Think: everything is good. Whatever happened was good. Whatever is happening is good. Whatever will happen, will also be good.
  15. Never lose hope. Have faith in the drama of life. Understand that every scene in the drama of life holds benefit for you.
  16. When something goes wrong, think: there’s benefit in everything. Then see what is to be learnt from the situation.
  17. Often we don’t understand the scenes that unfold in front of us. Keep faith that life will give its’ explanation in time. Tell your mind: ‘just wait and see’.
  18. When a problem comes…. think: ‘Om shanti’ (I am a being of peace). Remind yourself of your inner peace and you’ll have a greater capacity to find solutions.
  19. Challenges come and eventually go. They come to help you move forward, not to hold you back. They’re simply an opportunity to gain more experience.
  20. You can make the impossible possible. All that is needed is wisdom, faith and trust. Then you won’t sit around, waiting for things to happen. You will take action.
  21. Time is saying to me, ‘Live and make the most of every moment’.
  22. When someone says something negative, let it in one ear and out the other.
  23. I have a simple request: Please let go of getting upset.
  24. Speak the truth, but do so lovingly.
  25. Speak with care. Words can both break and repair the heart.
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