Willpower Re-Energised

Willpower… What is it? Why does it become weaker over time and even fade away? How can we keep it energised? Is it possible to build on it?

What is willpower? According to the dictionaries it’s the power to attain our wish, aim, goal or objective. It’s the power to materialise our ‘will’ or positive vision for ourselves. It’s a focused determination.

Why does it weaken with time? It is fuelled by our ‘Why.’ The ‘Why’ behind why we want to attain what we want to attain. If our ‘Why’ is blurry, muddy, contradictory or uncertain then we aren’t able to keep a good fire going. We spend our time and energy doing this or that and even things that don’t support our ‘Why.’ We procrastinate, sabotage ourselves and distract ourselves.

How can we keep our willpower energised? We need to get as clear as we can on our ‘Why.’ The most powerful ‘Whys’ are the ones that are related to our deepest wishes for ourselves or what is deeply important to us.

Get clear on your ‘Why’? What is your deepest wish for yourself? What is important for you? What values do you want to live your life? What is your greatest vision for yourself? What do you really want to change into?

The Drill Down Technique. If you are having trouble getting to your ‘Why’ try this simple technique. Take something you want to change and drill down until you get to the deepest ‘Why’ behind it. Such as, maybe you want to do more exercise. Why? To get fitter? Why? To be healthier. Why? I will be happier? Just keep asking yourself ‘Why?’ until you can’t go any further. It is usually along the lines of… then I will be happier, more peaceful, wiser, authentic or loving.

Now, go for gold. We tend to live our lives from the outside in. We believe that when our external circumstances are ‘right’ then we will experience peace of mind or happiness. Only to find that after all that effort to get everything right we are left just feeling exhausted or that something is still missing.

Instead, why not go straight for gold? Stop and re-focus on your deepest ‘Why.’ Begin by changing from the inside out. What can you do right now that will bring you more peace or mind or happiness? It might be something as simple as picking up some rubbish, not seeing some ones’ shortcomings or a kind act.

Acknowledge, Appreciate and re-Align. Acknowledge your successes throughout the day, and notice any changes in how you feel as a result, others behave towards you or circumstances that change as a result. At the end of the day appreciate all your successes and learn and re-align from what didn’t quite go to plan.

Re-energising our willpower. Be clear on your deepest ‘Why.’ Re-focus on this ‘Why.’ Work from the inside out. Keep a note of your results daily.

Say ‘Hello’ to easy or natural willpower. The clearer our ‘Why’ the more confident we feel. The more confident we feel, the more courage we have to do things outside ‘our’ box. The more success we have, the more our self-respect grows. The more our inner will- power grows and will see us to our deepest wish.

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