Man’s Best Friend… Nick the Dog

Do you know any endearing dogs? Let’s take an example of one such a dog. Let’s say his name is Nick and that he’s a Shitzu puppy. The kind of puppy you would fall in love with in a very short space of time.

But what are these traits that could cause you to fall in love so quickly? Yes, he’s fluffy, with huge eyes and teeth that don’t seem to fit his mouth. He’s more a cross between a Gremlin and a Ewok. But spend 5 minutes with Nick and you’ll find…

1) Nick is a true companion. Never bored, he can sit with you for a long time just “being there” without asking for anything.  Companionship without “neediness”.

2) Nick is funny and fun. Playful, he takes life lightly, always responds well to a good fun moment or activity.  And funny moments in his company abound.

3) Nick gives unconditional love. No matter what, he will come to you as if you are the most important person in the world (and do it to everyone else too!).  EVERY TIME, you’re greeted whole heartedly, with happy, enthused tail wagging, jumping.  No matter your mood, his love is there, visibly and demonstrably.  Something to count on — always.

4) Nick does not want to change anyone: he accepts you, for you.

5) Nick bears no grudges and holds no hard feelings.  His nature is not affected by how others behave to him — he knows who he is; a loving creature. And, he remains loving, no matter what.  You might close a door on his face or tell him off, but next time he sees you, he’ll be as loving and playful as always.

Wouldn’t it be easier for others to love us, if we were a little more like Nick? Relationships could prosper, interactions could be lighter and more fun, as well as more caring. And consequently, life may be more fulfilling, right?

Are you ready to be more Nick like? Here’s somethings to metaphorically tail wagging to try:

1) Touch base with your own loving nature.
2) Cultivate gratitude and appreciation.
3) Spend a few minutes each day recharging through silence or meditation.
4) Practise love as an ACT, demonstrating its various facets: understanding, patience, compassion, friendship, care, cooperation, etc.
5) Change ‘mode’, from ‘taking’ to ‘giving’, in relationships.

And then, just like little Nick, we could conquer the hearts of others, with their consent!

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