Invest In You

Invest in Me? A bit abstract? A bit too wishy-washy? At a loss… and we tend to instead opt for investing in achievements or others. The result? Feeling stressed out about attaining our goals or keeping others happy. Then, having got there, there’s still a feeling that something is missing. Achievements and pleasing others are ‘nice’, only the happiness doesn’t last….

So, back to ‘Invest in Me’, Why? It is about creating a lasting feeling of inner contentment. It is the something that is missing. It may give less immediate results but in the long-term it gives a much higher return on investment. So, where do we start?

A good place to start is to check where you are at now. Ask yourself: Am I happy with who I am and with what I am doing? Am I following the due north on my inner integrity compass?

Then consider: What would a content and happy ‘Me’ look like? You might see someone who is at peace with themselves, happy, content or at ease with life?  What would ‘you’ look like? Don’t hold back.

Thirdly: Do I want to invest in creating this ‘Me’?

Steps into Investing in You: Dive into You

One: Choose to invest in you – in your peace, happiness and inner goodness. In your inner potential. Being clear about our ‘why’ helps to keep us on course when times get a bit rocky.

Two: Start appreciating. Appreciation focuses us on the beneficial and helps us begin to see a bigger picture. Make it your daily practice to find something to appreciate – in nature, in another, you have learnt and about you.

Three: Unplug and take stock. Draw a circle around yourself and park all the aspects of your life on its perimeter. Family, friends, job, house, car, diet, exercise, health…  You are in the middle of the circle just observing all these different aspects. Maybe draw it on paper if it helps. Are there any disturbances? Clashes? Discrepancies? Incongruences? Just notice without judging.

Four: Observe your mind talk. What stories you are telling yourself about what is going on in your world? Are they about how useless you are or great you are? About others? Notice how the stories you are telling yourself impact how you feel right here and now. Also, how they influence you attitude and behaviour.

Five: Be curious. Become inquisitive about the stories you are telling yourself. Are they really true? How do you know they are true? Can you change the story? If you do what happens? How do you feel? We can change the narratives of any stories we tell ourselves to more supportive ones and truer ones.

Six: Go deeper. Shift your focus. Who is the ‘you’ observing, being curious and changing the stories? It is as if we have three layers. The outer layer- our gender, nationality, culture etc. The middle layer- our personality, made up of our beliefs and experiences. Then the inner me – the eternal and unchanging me. Here we find our self in a very still, peaceful and content place. Here there is no conflict, division or duality here. Start giving more attention ‘here’ than to the stories. Uncover the real story of you.

Seven: Get to know the inner you, your inner qualities and resources. The more we dwell here and bring these qualities into our actions the more our inner contentment and happiness grows. This is investing in you. It is to live from the inside out.

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