Time Out – Is It A Waste of Time?

What does time out mean to you? Do you feel that it is a waste of time? Do you feel guilty for taking time out? In a way, it depends what we do with our time out… Do you use it to breathe, reflect or know yourself better? By discovering who we are, and our special gift, we are then in a position to truly enrich the world by sharing our potential with the world. What do you think? Maybe time out isn’t such a waste of time after all, but time well invested?

Where do we begin? A good place to begin is simply to become more present to ourselves. To our thoughts, feelings and what is important to us.

A Reflection  

What are you holding in your awareness right now? What are you thinking and how are you feeling? Notice, is there a connection between what you are thinking and how you are feeling? Is it something of yesterday, today or tomorrow? Are you consciously choosing your thoughts? Are they the thoughts you want to think?

An Experiment

By holding positive and uplifting thoughts in our awareness we can shift our energy. Experiment with holding thoughts, such as, I am a being of light, peace, love or joy, in your awareness. Make it a thought that resonates with you. How would you like to feel? Now, consciously play with those types of thoughts. In this way we can re-awaken our innate positive potential and gift.

A Choice

We then need to sustain our positive potential, by constantly reminding ourselves of it throughout the day until it becomes our norm. Also, by putting these qualities into our lives. When we share peace, love and joy they become stronger within us not less. This calls on our determination and commitment, as many times a day we will find we have blown off-course. Just re-steer, it is part of the process.

A Dilemma

If we have been hurt in the past, in order to protect ourselves, we often shut-down, raise barriers or live on high alert. In doing so, however, we also unwittingly disconnect ourselves from our inner core and inner potential. We live on the surface of our lives with a sense that something is missing.

When we start observing our thoughts we may then find that that some of our thoughts aren’t so nourishing or ones that we don’t want to acknowledge. This is our chance though, to free ourselves of the suffering these thoughts give us. How can we let go of them if we don’t know they are there?

We might, for instance, see that under our upset there is anger. Take anger. How does it leave you feeling? Do you want to feel like this? When we look at anger deeply we can see that what we are really doing is punishing ourselves for someone else’s mistakes. Do you want to continue to do this?

We need to remember that this is a process and that help is there if we need it. We can also ask God for help. He is the Source of truth, light, love and comfort. His support and comfort enables us to deal with shadow and move on, grow into our full potential and share it with the world. Daring to live is to dare to become the fullest extent of what I can be.

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