The Successful Optimist

If I showed you a glass with water up to the half-way mark, would you say it was half full, half empty, or just a glass with some water in it? Maybe your answer would vary, depending on how your day was going. Most of us are, realistically, more fluctuating optimists leaning towards being successful Continue reading »

Self-Empowerment Explored: Part 2

What do we need to watch out for on the journey to self-empowerment? We dis-empower ourselves when we under-value ourselves. We think we can’t change, blame, criticise, focus almost exclusively on others’ and our own faults and aren’t in touch with our own inner treasures.    What about time? When we say we are too Continue reading »

Self-Empowerment Explored: Part 1

Why self-empowerment? When we are disempowered we become ‘victims’ of circumstances, situations and people. They pull our strings. In contrast, self-empowerment enables us to pull our own strings. It gives us the ability to choose how we want to respond to people and events. What does it look like? When we are self-empowered we are Continue reading »

Man’s Best Friend… Nick the Dog

Do you know any endearing dogs? Let’s take an example of one such a dog. Let’s say his name is Nick and that he’s a Shitzu puppy. The kind of puppy you would fall in love with in a very short space of time. But what are these traits that could cause you to fall Continue reading »

Self-Talk: Make It Work For You

What do you know about your self-talk? It has been said that if we don’t know that we talk to ourselves, we are crazy, but if we do know, it means we’re sane – not the other way around! So let’s see, who’s in charge of my self-talk, what’s it about and what is its Continue reading »

Stuck Again?

Feeling stuck again!? How many times have you ‘felt’ stuck in life? How many times have you got unstuck? How did you do it? Do you remember? First of all, are you really stuck or is it really time to celebrate? Maybe you have just achieved one of your goals? Sometimes, after attaining a goal Continue reading »

Handle Criticism Well

Watch out! Criticism coming in fast from the right!  “Wham” – It’s a hit. Did you feel it? The biggest criticism hitters are usually the ones we don’t see coming, or spot just a second or two before they hit, making it too late to intercept, swerve, dodge or deflect. That’s it. It’s an “ouch” Continue reading »

Getting No-Where: Moving On

Do you feel like you are rowing with great effort, and yet getting no-where? Have you double-checked if there are any ropes still tying you to the bank? When we have the impulse to move on but are getting no-where, despite making lots of effort, it’s a good bet that we’ve probably missed untying a Continue reading »

Be Happy, Be Loving, Be Free: The Thread That Runs Through

Be happy, loving and free. Does anyone not like the sound of this? How would your life be different if you felt happy, loving and free all the time? Probably there would be more easiness, lightness and flow for starters. Here are some thoughts to get going. Be happy. Do you find that your happiness Continue reading »

Being Right to Being Your Best

It’s tough having to be right, right?  You have to always be alert, to step in, to cajole, correct, pick up the pieces… The demands are endless and the stress just keeps building.  But what if we gave up having to be right?  What would we lose?  What would we gain? Gains: Yes, my experience Continue reading »

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