Beat Fatigue and Feel Great

What is fatigue? How can we feel more energised and inspired? Is there a magic pill? Fatigue can be the result of many factors. It is a sign that we are out of alignment or balance in some way. A feeling of dis-empowerment. Feeling great comes from understanding what is causing our fatigue, fresh perspectives and making different choices.

So, what causes fatigue? Five factors that can contribute to fatigue are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and compassionate stress.

Physical Fatigue: Quite simply are you getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and incorporating enough movement into your day?

Mental Fatigue: Is your mind constantly thinking, planning and justifying? Are you constantly trying to keep up with all the latest information? Is your mind full of ‘stuff?’ Exhausting isn’t it? Like our bodies our minds also need time to recuperate (silence time), a balanced diet of healthy thoughts and time to exercise (reflection and contemplation time.)

A reflective exercise: What are you telling yourself about what success looks like and what you have to do to get there? Is there another way? What does success feel like to you? Can you choose to feel that right here and now?

Emotional Fatigue: Unaddressed, suppressed and repressed emotions can leave us feeling stressed, stuck, dis-empowered and depressed. It can feel like we whatever we do we can’t get out of the rut we are in or we keep self-sabotaging ourselves. We need to face, resolve, forgive and move on. Only then will we free up our emotional energy and move into flow.

Spiritual Fatigue: Do you feel lost, confused or unsure of your place in the world? Spiritual fatigue happens when we move away from our innate qualities and values to fit in with our peers and society. We no longer know who we are. To re-energise we need to rediscover and return to our true nature.

Compassion Fatigue: When we are constantly exposed to images of suffering or we are feeling filled with our own confusion and pain, we can numb out. However, when we exercise kindness towards those we come into contact with it enables us to have more understanding and compassion for ourselves; it builds a sense of community; it breaks downs our pre-judgements and it opens our hearts to each other.

Surprising Tips and Tricks to Chase away Fatigue

  • Be appreciative and grateful for the small things- this is surprisingly powerful
  • Declutter – give away things you no longer need
  • Re-explore your world and play with other viewpoints and stories
  • Practise random acts of kindness, such as, smiling at the checkout assistant in the shop
  • Practise tuning into your intuition. Two clues: Does it feel right? Will it benefit others as well as you?
  • Stop searching for what you already have and re-discover your innate qualities through reflection, stillness and meditation
  • Be kind to yourself- invest time in getting to know and understand your true needs and follow-up opportunities to actively fulfill them

The more we feel free to be ourselves, express our innate qualities and empower ourselves the less fatigue there is in our lives.

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