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Often, very early in life we start the journey of self-belief (or self-doubt). Self-confidence is about “I can”: my skills, ability and capacity. Self-esteem or self-worth is how we value ourselves, often based on what we do, on how others perceive us, on our beliefs about ourselves. Criticism, displeasure and comparisons arise when we don’t hold ourselves in good esteem, value or confidence. That stops us from recognising our true selves and from moving forward. We get stuck with little or no self-belief.

Even when we have everything going well for us externally (i.e. we might be enjoying life and have good belief in ourselves), we are still vulnerable if that self-belief is dependent on achievements or attributes, on relationships, on receiving praise or affirming personal power, on control over people or possessions.

A grounded sense of self-belief which brings happiness and is unwavering comes from a deeper sense of ‘self’ – in understanding how we can be happy, whole and content without ‘doing’ and without depending on others, situations or things. When we have this deep knowledge of and belief in ourselves, our relationships improve (we become less needy and more giving) and our attitude and ability to face situations and obstacles is much greater. In addition, we are able to change the limiting beliefs we hold.

How to explore true self-belief? The basic nature of the human spirit is of truth, power, wisdom and goodness, irrespective of everything and everyone around us and of what we are capable to do or achieve. The cultivation and practise of this wisdom is to be with the self, in silence, experiencing our inner nature. From a place of peace, love and non-judgement, we can discover our limiting self-beliefs and learn to enjoy your own company.

Then we arrive at a place of clarity which enables us to see our own truth and beauty. From this place, we can create: our own attitudes, mindsets and beliefs. There is ease and comfort with the self, irrespective of what is happening.

We can then explore our beliefs and eliminate clutter. Ask why we believe in what we believe, think the way we do and react the way we do. Meditation and journaling every day are ways to separate the inner self from situations outside and create a buffer – they help to identify and improve the quality of our thoughts, which are often influenced by our beliefs. Thoughts are a form of energy, a vibration. The way we think about ourselves directly and powerfully affects our self-belief. So to develop constant and unwavering self-belief, we need to understand our thoughts and beliefs and reframe them, empowering the self based on our true nature.

Tapping into the Divine and experiencing an unconditional energy of pure love, peace and joy, without judgement or discrimination is truly transformative. Opening our minds and hearts to this energy allows us to deepen our self-belief, to feel supported in our journey, and to heal and recharge. It allows us to throw away our clutter in an Ocean of love and experience a pure acceptance of who we are, the way we are.

This strong sense of self allows us to stop fighting what is happening around us – we can make peace with it and work with it. Whatever is happening does not change how we see and value ourselves. From that space of peace, we can bring peace to the situation and, from within, we can shape what is happening outside.

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