Celebrate the Differences

Are you ready to turn misunderstanding and fear into a celebration of life with complete abandonment, at its fullest?  Do you dare?  Would you like to?  Here are four benefits of celebrating the differences.

You become a better communicator.  You listen attentively, rather assuming or second guessing what some may say or mean all because you are familiar or because you ‘know’.  You take the time to express yourself.  Why?  You’re concerned to build understanding, build bridges and build common ground.  Not the same, but a togetherness.

You are open to learning.  The more you understand, the more your curiosity, your interest, your willingness to engage is heightened.  Why?  Because there is newness, and you feel you are moving forward in life.  That, there is progress.  Then the feeling of being stuck or bored won’t exist in your experience or vocabulary.

You enrich your experience.  There is more to life than ‘seeing is believing.’  You don’t just experience with all your senses but you also bring intuition into the mix of experience.  There is music, poetry, a dance of your mind, heart and with your friends and family.  There is harmony.  And interestingly, you find you  have time… ‘Experience Time’ is not dictated by deadlines, nor a race to achieve a goal.   ‘Experience Time’ is an involvement, so you feel comfortable, complete and independent.  This makes you a good sport. Someone others want to spend time with.  Result?  There is always help, support and cooperation.

Become a citizen of the world.  You show up in life with your good manners, because you belong, appreciate and respect.  Belong and you want to care for your environment.  Appreciate and you are kind.  Respect and you don’t misuse, waste or dislike.  Everyone and everything has a place in life, celebrating the difference is the journey of uncovering the true value.

So today, go out to celebrate the differences, and experience life to be bountiful, and bring ease into everyday life.  Alternatively, if you would rather bulldoze through life than exercise tolerance, well, it is your choice after all.

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