Fall in Love with Life Again

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Do you remember waking up in the morning, jumping out of bed and enthusiastically looking forward to what the day would unfold? Each day was an adventure. Where did that feeling go? Has it been lost in the everyday humdrum? Over-ridden by being constantly on the go? Or squashed by worries and stress? And most importantly, how can we get it back?

How can we re-ignite that feeling?

Change your glasses: Put on your sparkly glasses, and just for today focus on what is right in your world. It may be something small like a blue sky or a smile or a warm drink or even something big… acknowledge and appreciate these moments.

Try on different perspectives: When you have a challenge, take a breath after ‘Oh no!’ and play with different perspectives: the opportunity, possibility, something to learn, something new….

Switch your focus. Instead of ‘What is going on out there?’ switch to, ‘What is going on in here?’ We tend to focus out there as we entangle our happiness with others, successes, possessions and status. Switch to focusing on your inner treasures and happiness. Discover your values (such as, kindness, truth, respect) and make them your operating system. Doing so will enable us to feel more and more ourselves, happier in ourselves and with life.

Lighten your attitude. To truly love life we have to accept life as it comes. We have to go with the flow rather than fight against it.

Keep moving forward. The key to not getting stuck is forgiveness of oneself and others. Give yourself and others the benefit of the doubt. See the best in yourself and others. This stops us falling into the whirling cracks of negative emotions which can trap us. We can then keep moving forward lightly and discovering new things.

Write a letter to yourself. Write down the things you do well, enjoy and contribute to world. Allow yourself to see this side of yourself.

Create community. One act of kindness causes a ripple effect and helps to create a feeling of community between us. When we serve others with loving kindness it comes back to us.

Spark your interest. What do you enjoy doing? Music, walking, drawing, football.. carve out some time to do something you really enjoy.

Sleep better: At the end of the day, review what you didn’t like and re-invent it. How would you have liked it to go? Next look at what went well. Let go of the negative and fill with the positive. You will then sleep better and wake up more positive and refreshed.

Wake and breathe: As you wake up, but before you are fully wide awake, think on one of your values. I am a kind and loveful being, for example. Be thankful for the things have. Over time we will naturally find ourselves waking up with gratitude.

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  1. These blogs are really motivating and i just enjoy reading them..I would appreciate if you share such topics in a document(pdf) form which i can keep it me forever n whenever feel like can read it..

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