Amplify Your Potential

  Amplify your potential. Expand into your biggest self. Become your shining self. How? First, create and clarify your vision of this big you. The you that you dream of being. Second, make this the north your compass points to. Third, walk the path. Take it one step at a time. Don’t be surprised if Continue reading »

The Art of Letting Go

Do you feel that you need to lighten-up a bit? Is something weighing you down? Letting go is an art, and the result is more freedom, peace and happiness in life. The art of letting go is about knowing the why, the what, the hacks and the trip-ups to watch out for. The Why. The Continue reading »

10 Keys to Happier Relationships

Everything is great, and then suddenly not so. What happened? Something is said or done or not done, and our happiness goes. We have made our happiness dependent on others’ behaviour. The secret is to not place something as precious as our happiness, in the hands of others. To keep hold of our own ‘mood’ Continue reading »

Celebrate the Differences

Are you ready to turn misunderstanding and fear into a celebration of life with complete abandonment, at its fullest?  Do you dare?  Would you like to?  Here are four benefits of celebrating the differences. You become a better communicator.  You listen attentively, rather assuming or second guessing what some may say or mean all because Continue reading »

Daily Confidence Boosters

Everyday things can happen that can knock holes in our confidence, and doubt is always waiting there to take its chance. So, what can we do, on a day to day basis, to keep our confidence resilient and dismiss doubt’s deceptions? Fill your ‘waking’ with positivity. What are your first thoughts on waking? Is it Continue reading »

Beat Fatigue and Feel Great

What is fatigue? How can we feel more energised and inspired? Is there a magic pill? Fatigue can be the result of many factors. It is a sign that we are out of alignment or balance in some way. A feeling of dis-empowerment. Feeling great comes from understanding what is causing our fatigue, fresh perspectives Continue reading »

Invest In You

Invest in Me? A bit abstract? A bit too wishy-washy? At a loss… and we tend to instead opt for investing in achievements or others. The result? Feeling stressed out about attaining our goals or keeping others happy. Then, having got there, there’s still a feeling that something is missing. Achievements and pleasing others are Continue reading »

Time Out – Is It A Waste of Time?

What does time out mean to you? Do you feel that it is a waste of time? Do you feel guilty for taking time out? In a way, it depends what we do with our time out… Do you use it to breathe, reflect or know yourself better? By discovering who we are, and our Continue reading »

Dare To: Live, Act, and Be Happy

Dare to be happy and share happiness. To dare to live is to dare to act. It is to dare to become a conscious actor. It is to dare to know, experience and share ones positivity with the world. It is underpinned by the understanding of how our actions truly influence our happiness. We can Continue reading »

Dare to Live

“Life moves swiftly past. Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become months…” Life goes on. Time doesn’t stand still, no matter how much we want it to. The big question here is: Are I living the life I want? Or is life just passing me by? Let’s look Continue reading »

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