Amplify Your Potential

amplify your potential

Amplify your potential. Expand into your biggest self. Become your shining self. How? First, create and clarify your vision of this big you. The you that you dream of being. Second, make this the north your compass points to. Third, walk the path. Take it one step at a time. Don’t be surprised if there are a few rocks in the way, they are there to make you stronger and amplify your potential.

First. How did all great achievements start out? They all started with a thought. It is the same with expanding into our full potential. It begins with us creating a thought or vision of who we want to be.  Give it the time and attention it deserves. You are after all creating your destiny. Think big. Think in terms of how you want to feel rather than what you would be doing. Make it firmer by getting clear on why you want to become that. Our thoughts are our most precious commodity. We can use them in positive or negative way. It matters.  So, set negative thoughts aside and fly with possibility.

Begin by sitting down silently. Let go of all tension, happenings, and worries. Become still. Silence allows us to see and emerge that which is deeply latent within us. Our inner qualities, strengths and beauty. There may be some clouds in the way, be patient, allow then to clear and feel your original qualities. Experience the peace that you are at the heart of your being and fly with possibility.

Second.  Solidify your vision. Spend time every day emerging your vision. Otherwise it is all too easy to get caught up in everyday ups and downs. Make it your north. Use it to navigate by. Will this bring me closer to achieving my vision or not? This will help keep it in your awareness and you on track.

Third. Walk the path. Start making small changes in the right direction. This is like watering your vision. Be determined, you will hit some road blocks or the road may be a bit bumpy at times. Know this is just part of the journey and that they are opportunities – in disguise- for you to emerge your potential. Acknowledge and congratulate yourself on your success. Your destination may seem far off, but in this way you will look up one day and realise how far you have travelled and close you are.

Worries, tension, situations, money, fear of stepping outside of our comfort zones, low self-esteem, criticism, comparison, blaming, trying to change others, doubt, fear of success… they are like gremlins sent to stop us in our path. Don’t let them deceive you.  Don’t waste your precious thought power and energy on them. Say focused. Keep hope in yourself. Cultivate loving kindness towards yourself as this will water your positive strengths and see you through.

Keep going back to sitting in silence. It is a time to be rather than of doing. A quiet and peaceful mind enable us to become the boss of our inner factory. Feed your mind thoughts of calmness, serenity, compassion, unity and happiness. I the soul am an embodiment of peace. Allow yourself to experience this thought. Make your inner space a place where you want to be. A place of calmness and positivity. Don’t allow negative thoughts. Instead amplify your potential.

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