Thrive 24/7: Live and Be Present

Are you present here and now? Or are you going over and over the past? Or are you worrying about the future? How much time a day do you spend in the past, present and future? Usually we are so caught up with the past and future that the present is the time we are Continue reading »


Ever been stuck in a bit of a loop in your mind? – Stress, anxiety, depression, indecision… going round and round and not being able to find the path out? Maybe not even able to identify an external reason to explain why you are feeling so as you have the good job, nice house, happy Continue reading »

Scoring Own Goals

Scoring own goals: – destroy us or stop us from attaining something we want to attain. – are sometimes accidental and sometimes happen because we are trying too hard. – the professional fowl! If I can’t win then you won’t either! It can be something as easy as pouting, sulking or making people feel sorry Continue reading »

Pause For Peace

On the CD of your mind you press: – STOP when there is burnout, you can’t take any more. – FAST FORWARD when you are bored, you want to see the good bit. – REWIND when you go back to the past. The CD skips when I am not moving forward. Things get irritating and Continue reading »

What Is The Rush: Are You Ready To Slow Down?

Life seems to be getting faster and faster? Don’t we want and look for instant responses, instant satisfaction and the fastest way to do things though too? This seems to have been particularly driven over the years by technological and scientific inventions. Why this speed fixation? It seems to be about having more and doing Continue reading »

Resolution Folly

– What can we do to make resolutions and sustain them? It is about creating change and there has to be thought put into the methods that will create and maintain that changes. I need to have three components for change: 1. knowledge of: – my true self. – what I need to change. – Continue reading »

Life Makeover – Self Esteem

We create our world and so we have the choice and responsibility to determine its flavour. How do I value, esteem or appreciate myself? Do I even at all? If not, maybe it is time for a life makeover! All around there are adverts for makeovers, but for how long do they last? Instead why Continue reading »

Good Feelings

What has happened so far today – big or small – that resulted in you feeling – however fleetingly – good? Scan back through the day. Maybe it was a blue sky, a smile, completing a project, a phone call, an email, your cat, catching that bus, etc? It is rare that there will not Continue reading »

The Game of Life!

The drama of life is always accurate and beneficial. Whatever has happened was good, whatever is happening is the best and whatever is to happen will be the best of all! How do we play the game of life? What are its rules? Are there more than one set of rules? Which rules do you Continue reading »

7 Secret Formulae for Peace Full Living

True happiness is to be content wherever I am, whatever I am doing and whatever is happening. 1. Event + Response = Outcome What do I want the outcome to be? Then I can choose the response to the event to attain that outcome. 2. Involvement + Ownership = Commitment When I involve others in Continue reading »