Ways to Enjoy Life More

Life is what is happening right now, stop, take a breath and allow yourself to be awake to the gift of the present. A lot of the time we miss being in the present. We get busy running to meet deadlines, appointments or reacting to everything thrown at us, rather than savouring the experience. To Continue reading »

Being In The Moment

All to often we find ourselves moving backwards into the past or forward into the future. Conversations oscillating between, could’ve, should’ve, would’ve or maybe’s and what if’s. We’re so busy unravelling the past or planning the future, we forget this moment, right here, is precious. And once it’s slipped through our fingers we’ve lost it. Continue reading »

Tired of Feeling Tired?

Tired of being tired? Doesn’t just saying it make you feel tired?  Tiredness is OK. It is a messenger. Is it that I haven’t been getting enough sleep or good quality sleep? Is it more than this? Our ideal amount of sleep is individual, usually between 7-9 hours a day. Good quality sleep is linked Continue reading »

Stay Strong and Be Unflappable: Words of Wisdom by Dadi Janki

Challenging situations will continue to come in all areas of our lives: mind, body, wealth and relationships. If you get caught up in situations, you get stuck.  If you keep thinking about the situation, you end up making the situation bigger than it really is.  This leads to fear, worry and doubts, and creates an Continue reading »

Time and Energy

Time and energy, both are so precious and yet so easy to waste. How much time and energy have you wasted already today? Imagine if for every minute you wasted you lost a pound! Would you be in debt? One reason why these two are so easy to waste is that we don’t see their Continue reading »

Strengthen Your Willpower

Achieving our goals in life is determined, to a certain extent, by how healthy our willpower is. A healthy willpower deals us the ace. It keeps us on track. It gives us the strength to face obstacles. It gives us the clarity to say no to temptations that would set us back. Our willpower works Continue reading »

Time To Stop Being Tired

“Hello.” “Oh Hello, how are you?” “Tired.” “Me too. It was a long day.” “Yeah. I’m beat!” A snippet of a conversation, you might hear at home, work or even on the train. We all seem to be complaining about how tired we are. And when we’re tired, most of us try to push through Continue reading »

Curb Your Greed

Greed – an old fashioned word but it still affects us all. We all have greed for something. Yes, even you! A bigger house, a better career…? Are you aware of what you want? How do you deal with greed? By getting what you want? I thought as much! And then what? More clothes, more Continue reading »

Beat Boredom

Boredom is a boring topic. For most people boredom is a result of routine. Do the same thing everyday and before you even know it you’re likely to slip into auto-pilot mode. So, how can i overcome this boredom and create some spark in my life? Change the way and the time when you do Continue reading »

Fatigue Fighters

Tired all the time? Not because you have been doing a lot of physical work/sport/aren’t physically well, but do you feel mentally and emotionally tired all the time? Causes i) being out of balance: this could be equally be down to doing too little as too much. Doing too little can very exhausting(!) as can Continue reading »