Thrive 24/7: Live and Be Present

Are you present here and now? Or are you going over and over the past? Or are you worrying about the future? How much time a day do you spend in the past, present and future? Usually we are so caught up with the past and future that the present is the time we are the least present in.

If I am absent or absent minded – I am off thinking about the holiday I had twenty years ago or the one I’m going to go on in twenty years- then although I am here for me this is not the present moment as I am not actually experiencing this moment.

What can I do?
-start to give attention to this moment.

If you try it you’ll be surprised how much alacrity, sparkle, brightness and strength enters your intellect. When you’re totally present in this moment you experience a perpetual feeling of calmness. So, give it a go! Keep bringing your attention back to this present moment.

You may at first encounter some resistance –don’t be surprised, you are after all working on changing a life-long habit. This resistance may be in the form of: just being lazy, being dull-headed, thinking of this, worrying about that, thinking about such and such a thing, etc. In fact so many thoughts will come and some of them very reasonable looking too! However they’re all diversions from now.

An added bonus: this practice also helps us to become aware of our own self and touch the core of our consciousness. Usually from morning to night and from night until morning we are aware of everything except ourselves. I’m thinking, seeing, feeling, experiencing, seeing others, aware of a place or a thing, involved in events and so on. Then when you go to sleep you dream, and what do you dream about? The concerns or worries of the day, desires, etc. So even then I’m not actually just myself. In being present we find ourselves.

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