Pause For Peace

On the CD of your mind you press:
– STOP when there is burnout, you can’t take any more.
– FAST FORWARD when you are bored, you want to see the good bit.
– REWIND when you go back to the past.
The CD skips when I am not moving forward. Things get irritating and uncomfortable.

When there is no pause, there is absorption. Pausing throughout the day takes away the ordinariness and familiarity and makes it possible to see the extraordinary at every moment. You become more composed, centred and have more compassion for others and the self.

How can I bring that extraordinariness into my life so that I am not sleeping through life and there is something new at every moment?

– Be the actor in your life and press the PAUSE button: a good actor looks at the director, not at the other actors. Step back, step in, step up, connect with the director and then come out again. Don’t pause with emotions but with wisdom and discernment.
– SLOW down the film frames – your thoughts- to insert something – a positive thought- in between.
– RECORD: pause and create something new that you would like to experience.
‘Silence between the notes creates the beauty, not the notes’.

How to take these moments of pause?
Three pause buttons, anchors to keep you safe in storms.

1. ‘Who am I? I am not the roles that I play. My nature is positive. I realign myself with my positive qualities. I don’t need to prove myself. My awareness shows in my attitude and vision.
2. Who do I belong to? I belong to the Director, God, the Source that is independent from the drama. Then I can see the whole picture.
3. What am I here to do? i.e. my sense of purpose. I am here to offer something, an inspiration.

What creates skips on the CD?
Three ‘N’s:
1. ‘I know’: the ego. I am not willing to listen.
2. ‘I need’: I am seeking something from outside. Expectations.
3. ‘I am nothing’: no feeling of worthiness. Not seeing the value of my part. Comparing.
Then I turn these ‘N’s backward:
‘I know I need nothing.’ I have everything I need inside me.

Meditation is cleaning out the recording that is not working for you any more.
Meditation is aligning oneself to play one’s role. I take inspiration and guidance from the Director and say ‘Let me become an instrument to play that part.’

Continuity is important. Keep on touching base with that sacred space. Fit everything around that space. Give the fresh input to your mind of quality thoughts in the mornings, to clear out the subconscious that raced all night.
Where? Anywhere.

When you practise this discipline of pausing you get inner strength to:
inspire and free everyone and not make them dependent. You become everyone’s friend; everyone feels that you belong to them.
have the time to be interested in people and life without rushing, time opens up for you.

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