Life Makeover – Self Esteem

We create our world and so we have the choice and responsibility to determine its flavour.

How do I value, esteem or appreciate myself? Do I even at all? If not, maybe it is time for a life makeover! All around there are adverts for makeovers, but for how long do they last? Instead why not go for the real makeover that will last – the inner makeover.

A sign that our self-esteem has been sabotaged is that we are unable to appreciate ourselves and instead look outside to others for appreciation and approval. We give away our power to whoever that may be, our parents, boss, friends etc.

Consider this: as we perceive so is our world. In other words we create our world. We take what we perceive with our senses and place it on the screen of our mind and then colour it depending on our mood, feeling, beliefs and opinions. So… today maybe I feel happy or grumpy and so I surround all I bring onto the screen of my mind with happiness or grumpiness.

Try this: take a day and live it twice, once surrounded by happiness and once by grumpiness. How much of what we see is as it is or are we making ‘x’ out to be grumpy when in fact they are actually not at all?

Try this: to increase your self-esteem experiment with surrounding everyone and everything you bring into your mind with love and good wishes. Note: if you practise doing this with someone who previously pushed your buttons this is called exercising your spiritual muscles. Your old habits will pull you back to looking for approval from others but be aware and recognise this and just gently go back to giving them good wishes in your mind. Note: when you do this you automatically give this to yourself too.

Consider this: real self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence are based on love, internal wealth and faith in oneself not on another’s approval-disapproval, external trappings/wealth or learnt skills/talents.

Every human being is valuable beyond price, we tend to under estimate this as we don’t open the ‘bag’ (own consciousness) to see the incredible beauty, love and truthfulness that lies within, or maybe we do touch it but then we don’t use it. It needs to be used for its value to be known. Love supports, forgives, cares, listens, understands and is generous and when we use this energy we esteem ourselves… unless we do we will never truly esteem ourselves as we are going against our own truth and beauty.

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