Resolution Folly

– What can we do to make resolutions and sustain them?
It is about creating change and there has to be thought put into the methods that will create and maintain that changes.

I need to have three components for change:
1. knowledge of:
– my true self.
– what I need to change.
– why I need to change.
2. a burning desire to change.
3. general skills on how to go about making a change.

It is important to have all three. If one is missing, then there cannot be change.

When setting goals, they need to be S.M.A.R.T:
Time linked

Things to do to reach my goal:
1. have a clear vision, see the goal, visualise it.
2. focus on that clear vision , nothing should distract you.
3. be consistent in following your plan, be persistent.
4. be patient, this enables you to have tolerance.
5. take one step at a time, it increases self confidence.
6. you need to see the weaknesses and acknowledge them but then look at the strengths. Do not be self critical, as this results in sabotaging yourself.
7. be aware of A.N.T.s: abstract/all negative thoughts
8. you have to go back to the true self,- to a true understanding of the self- beyond the physical and with its own innate qualities. Seeing myself like this then I will see others with the same vision and help them to grow.
9. having a connection with the Supreme enables me to sustain whatever vision I have and to change what I need to change. There has to be silence to go within and see what needs to be changed.

And always remember, there is no failure in life. Whatever happens is good, beneficial and accurate. If something does not happen it means: it was not the right thing to happen.

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