Good Feelings

What has happened so far today – big or small – that resulted in you feeling – however fleetingly – good?

Scan back through the day. Maybe it was a blue sky, a smile, completing a project, a phone call, an email, your cat, catching that bus, etc? It is rare that there will not be something, although we may find that we have to search for it. Do search though – we are so trained to focus on the negative things that happen to us and overlook the good things. So much so that, even when things go 99% right we may find ourselves focusing on the 1% that went wrong. So for a day live the other way around and focus on and record all the things that made you smile, laugh, feel ‘good’ even if only for a second.

1. Practice being present in the moment. To really enjoy life we need to be present. Have you noticed how our minds are often just flitting from things of the past to concerns about our future. We need to let go of the past, otherwise we are inhibiting ourselves from being fully present. Also we need to stop worrying about the future. If we are doing our best than the future can not but be bright.

2. Cultivate the belief that we are really are good inside and become aware of the inner qualities of others and of your own. Then put yours into practical use and enjoy the result.

3. Relationships with others tend to trigger of most ‘feelings’ we experience. Instead know that no one is responsible for anything that I/you think or feel, they are just brilliant triggers and these moments are opportunities to learn something new about ourselves, to go deeper into ourselves and to move forward

4. Detach from mind rather than living in it and in the movie it creates of situations. Practice being aware of both your inner (thoughts, feelings, attitudes and perceptions) and your outer environment (what is happening) at the same time. This leads to an inner mastery that allows one to choose what to think about the external situation, rather than it dictating to you how you will feel.

5. We can empower ourself by connecting with God’s help. Today there are many negative feeling around God, know though that He is always peaceful, loving and on our side. If we go to positive part of ourselves then we can connect with the One who is always loving and beautiful through the practice of meditation.

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