Managing Time and Energy

80/20 Principle
This says that we do 80% of the things we do using 20% of our resources.This applies across the board:
-we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time
-in relationships 20% people we know are ‘key’ people and 80% are acquaintances, colleagues, etc.
-the things that are important to us are few (20%) and the trivial things we do many (80%).

There is a link between time-energy and what is important to me. When you are doing something that is important to you do you feel that you are wasting your time and energy?

Managing our time and energy:
1) What is important to you? We need to spend time figuring this out, then we can put more of our time and energy in these pursuits and we will no feel less that we are wasting our time.
N.B.: In relationships, we need to understand that what is important to me may not be what is important to someone else. If we can identify what is important to someone else we will be able to understand them much better.

2a) What are your values? For example: to give regard and value to others.
2b) Are my activities aligned to my values? If not, how do you feel? When we live by our values we feel less stressed and find ourselves paradoxically saving/having more time. Take an interest in what you do and how you do it. See the direction your life is moving in.

3) Give importance to having a relationship with yourself, come to know yourself deeply. You will then begin to invest value into the time and energy in ‘emerging’ this within you. Our biggest relationship is with ourselves, when you take time out to spend with you, you will stop losing power and begin accumulating it.

4) Why is it that you choose to do the things that you do?Such as, maybe you work extra hours so you can save money to go on holiday because you want to get away from it all and experience…Peace? Usually as we peel back the layers we find that what we are really looking for is peace, love and happiness.

5) What is it that you want to save time and energy for? If I just store things and don’t use them what use are they? The best dinner service, the ornaments in the loft, the unread books, etc. Whereas if I use everything I have in a worthwhile way, including my time and energy, I feel fulfilled.

6) How are my thoughts? Thinking too much drains our energy. We need to re-charge our minds, for this meditation is the best tool.

7) At those times you have lived from your ‘humanness’ how did you feel? What were you doing? How were you interacting with others?

When I get to know myself and believe in myself then I can start to align my thoughts, words and actions with the direction I need to go in. You have started out on your journey to living your truth. If I am lost it is a compass not a watch I need as how am I going to get there if I don’t know where I am going?

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