Ever been stuck in a bit of a loop in your mind? – Stress, anxiety, depression, indecision… going round and round and not being able to find the path out? Maybe not even able to identify an external reason to explain why you are feeling so as you have the good job, nice house, happy marriage and expensive car? You are just stuck in a negative thinking loop.

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.
Our vision of the world is grounded in how we see ourselves, and the way we see ourselves is something that we are not always aware of… If I’m not aware of what’s going on in my own inner world and how this is being reflected back to me by the world out there then I am missing a trick or worse, I may be experiencing a reality that is not really there.

The Observer and the Observed.
Science has been coming to terms with the recognition that the observer influences the observed. Since the 1600’s when Isaac Newton formulated his theories about the nature of the physical universe the assumption has been that there is an objective physical reality that operates by certain fixed laws that we can discover, and that who we are or how we look at it doesn’t affect it.

Now though scientists have discovered a new paradigm. This has arisen through the study of light and quantum physics. It was found that if you look at light and look for particles you find particles, and if you look for waves then you find waves. What you look for is what you get!

The way I see the world is a function of how I see myself.
If I see myself as somebody who is vulnerable then when I look at the world out there I see threats. Alternatively if I am self-confident I look at the world as a friendly place full of opportunities.

‘Every man mistakes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world.’
Arthur Schopenhaeuer

What is your vision of how the world is?
If we want to change our experience, break out of our conditioning or be freed from our mind traps then it’s important that we become aware of how we see the world and of the limitations we are placing on ourselves. Buddha said ‘Don’t ask which path you should follow in life but create your own path and create a trail’. Discover your true ‘vision’ of the world, of your place in it and the positive creative influence that you can have on it and those around you.

Be a pathfinder, one who seeks their own true path. Each of us has a unique contribution to make that we alone are especially qualified, skilled and capable of making. Until we have found ‘our path’ we are easily influenced to think and act in their ways. As such we are not masters of our own destiny, others are dictating to us what we achieve, experience and who we are.

To be a pathfinder you will need to go where there isn’t a beaten track and work with your own inner compass to find the answers to:
– Who am I?
– How do I see the world?
– What is my purpose?
– How am I limiting myself?

You’ll see the traps of limited ways of thinking and what you have acclimatised to. You’ll recognise that the world that you saw isn’t the world that is here, and find that on doing so that the world around you automatically changes.

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