Fun Factor 3

LIFE IS A GAME The moment you find that you are worrying too much, practise returning to being a child -go for it- with the knowledge of being an adult; the experience and knowledge. Experience childlike joy mixed with the abundance of knowledge in our hands. – Enjoy the journey without worrying about the outcome. Continue reading »

Fun Factor 2

How do I inject lightness into my life? Seriousness holds me back. I am more creative when I am relaxed. I take my work seriously but have fun doing it. Do you love what you do? If not, why? – Spend more time doing the things that you like and less time doing the things Continue reading »

Fun Factor 1

FUN v HAPPINESS Is fun the same as happiness? Happiness is something I feel. Fun is something I do, an act, something that brings me amusement. It is not about being a joker who is constantly making jokes, either. That can be tedious/annoying. Nowadays fun is something we save for our leisure time. When did Continue reading »

Instant Confidence

Con: With Fidence: Faith Confidence: With Faith Confidence is not about doing, but the way you approach something. The attitude with which you do things. I might not know how, but let me approach it with confidence. What builds confidence? – Knowing your values. Your values hold you in a certain way. If you are Continue reading »

Thrive 24/7: What About Mistakes?

What actually is a mistake? A mistake is to express something which is less than what I am capable of being and expressing. I may be practising being calm, peaceful, happy or stable for example and I react to something and get angry, in this context that would be counted as a mistake. When we Continue reading »

Science of Smile

Numerous studies have found that it uses many less muscles to smile than to frown, the suggested numbers involved from study to study varies but the conclusion is always the same. Maybe of more significant though is the effect on the body itself that smiling or frowning have, irrespective of how we may be feeling. Continue reading »

Cosmic Confidence

Many of life’s experiences move me away from my confidence. When I don’t live by my principles I move away from my original state, this ‘gap’ brings me emotional pain. We need a huge amount of courage to live our principles. Can I create my own confidence so that I don’t get influenced by anything Continue reading »

Creativity Spirit

We are all creators. We create everything with our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. Everything is just energy, this we perceive through our senses. ‘Like energy’ attracts like. If we think positively we feel positive. The effects of feelings on your body are known so it is important to have a control of our Continue reading »

Focus of Attention

Where attention goes energy flows Why do we want ‘focus of attention’? When we have a lot of things calling for our attention what tends to happen? We become distracted, unable to concentrate, confused, indecisive, and our energy is dissipated. Focus of attention is not about having less demands but the ability to focus our Continue reading »