The Laws of Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence – to have trust and faith in who I am.

There is confidence in one’s abilities, such as, to solve equations or to build a bridge; and then there is confidence (faith and trust) in the self, in ‘who I am,’ in my essence, in my true potential and capacity for greatness- and then there is full trust in myself no matter what. It is up to each of us though to ‘unlock’ the door to our own self-confidence.

The confidence equation= K + U + F + H
Knowledge of ‘who I am’
Understanding of myself
Faith in my own untapped potential

Knowing myself is about distinguishing ‘who I really am’ from ‘my baggage’. It is as if we begin out on our journey through life by putting an empty rucksack on our backs. As we go here and there we pick up mementos and ideas and we put them into our rucksack. It gets heavier and heavier and at some point we forget ourselves and begin to identify with the ‘voices’ in the rucksack. To know ourselves we have to distinguish the ‘voices’ coming from the rucksack and quieten them enough in order to hear our own voice once again. Meditation is a tool designed to allow us to do this.

To know our self is the foundation layer of self-confidence. It leads to self-respect, self-love and appreciation for the self- to truly know ones’ own greatness, beauty and the power that moves one.

Understanding myself is about knowing what trips undermines us and what reinforces the real us. This leads to self-esteem- the true understanding of our own innate value and worth, independent of anything else.

Faith in my own untapped potential. Self-confidence is also about self-leadership and this is related to my purpose. When we live on purpose we also develop confidence in our destiny- that we will fulfil our potential. Where will I direct my energy, my uniqueness, my greatness? Am I following others? Am I doing things out of fear or to please anyone? Am I fulfilling my potential? A good place to start is to recognise your own values (honesty, integrity, love, mercy, etc.) and to begin being true to them no matter what.

Growing Self-Confidence
When we are un-confident we want others to conform; we try to control; we compare; we want others’ respect, love, etc; small situations become a big deals; we waste so much time and energy caught in this or that; we are easily distracted from the big picture of life… from our big purpose in life and from life’s purpose.

Signs of growing self-confidence:
-our confidence in others grows – in their ability to make the right choices for themselves that will lead them to fulfil their potential and find out their own truth and happiness.

-we become more open to the wonders of others, to the wonders of life and to the wonders of God.
-we increasingly know that we are in control of our life, destiny and of ourselves.
-we become un-phased by obstacles and never become an obstacle for anyone.
-everything that happens becomes an opportunity to learn and to grow, nothing is wasted.
-the beauty of every moment is perceived. The magic of life is before us. There is synchronicity.
-we are aligned with the big picture of life and not caught in the little details or distractions.
-we become ‘protectors’, – not driven by fear or self-doubt I feel safe and secure and I take this with me wherever I go awakening in others their own self-confidence, giving them the chance to shine.

Humility is a result of self confidence. Self confident I am authentic, real, pure – my ego has gone. I become so quiet, so stable… so I just am.

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  • Jatinder

    Full of inspiration , step in a right direction ! Keep it up .
    Thank you for sharing the wisdom !


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