Being Bold: Affirming Without Arrogance

Being bold is about… being who you are and expressing yourself from your core.

To be who we are and express ourselves from our core we need, of course, first of all to be able to answer the question, ‘Who am I?’ We may say ‘I am a spiritual being of light/ conscious energy.’ Does this explain our personality though?

Becoming bold- first take time out to find out who you are and what your values are. What do you value/ hold precious? What are you willing to stand up for? What are your core inner values? Talk to yourself quietly and learn to be silent so you can hear your inner voice’s reply.

Some more questions you can ask yourself: Do I want to live in a peace-less society? Do I accept racism and violence? Do I want to take sorrow from life? What sort of legacy do I want to leave behind?

Becoming bold- next is to live by your own values, to not be afraid to show what is on the inside.

When we are bold in expressing and living by our values they become part of our personality. If, for example, fairness is one of my values and I am bold about fairness, and in protecting fairness and equality, I naturally become a fair person. If love- I have to be bold in putting love into my actions. If peace- then I need to act peacefully. If truth- I have to be bold in being honest first with myself, and then in everything I do. Our actions are an expression of what we feel and think on the inside.

Becoming bold- is about overcoming our fears and taking action to attain our fullest potential.

If we stand back we are not really living; neither are we attaining our fullest potential nor are we creating and expressing ourselves – we are just reacting to life. Being bold is not about waiting for life to happen, it is about going out, creating something new and pushing through our own limits and challenges. If someone challenges our choices, this is OK. The question is: What is important to me? It is important that we stay true to our value that is being challenged at that moment -be it to be fair, loving or peaceful no matter what. To stay true to who we are.

Maybe I need to change?
“…for me taking action is about self transformation and being aware that my actions will not only affect me, but also those around me and the world. It is about having the courage to value ones’ self and to contribute to creating the type of world you want to live in by being the change you want to see. It is about becoming who we really are/ want to be deep down. It is to take charge of our own destiny”.

Courage comes from understanding the law of action (cause and effect/ that what we give is what comes back to us). Whatever you want -fairness, understanding, mercy, respect- give that now.

Becoming bold- to be able express yourself and your ideas without arrogance or bossiness.

Being bold can be confused with arrogance/ bossiness. Arrogance sees others defects (and not their qualities) but not my own defects; it is concerned only with how others’ actions will affect me and not with how mine may affect them. It is based on self importance. It grows out of ego. Ego (false identity) ‘comes’ when we move away from who we are and our values and start to identify with the role(s) we are playing. I am a director so I must be important, “Do you know who I am!” Shyness is inverted ego.


  • Speak sincerely and sweetly ~ Say what you think/ feel/ want to say in the nicest possible way.
  • Ask rather than tell people what to do ~ don’t be afraid to ask either.
  • Offer suggestions rather than give orders ~ do offer and listen to suggestions.
  • Create an environment in which people feel free to express themselves ~ this allows everyone’s creativity to grow.
  • Be bold when it comes to real injustice ~ not when it is just about ‘my own ego.’
  • Put your ideas forward and listen to others ideas ~ maybe they have a better one.
  • Give your opinion and express your values without forcing them on others ~ allow them theirs.

Be Bold:
Be Who You Are
and Let Others Be Who They Are

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