Be Your Own Coach: Part 1

Be Your Own CoachGood coaching empowers us to step up in life. What is it though that a good coach does? How do good coaches empower us?

Good coaching is actually about asking the right questions, in the right order, with the right sensitivity. Good coaching raises our self-awareness. Good coaching enables us to realise things for ourselves. This is important because when there is self-realization the power to change what isn’t working is also there.

So, what about self-coaching? If you think about it, we are in fact ‘coaching’ ourselves all the time. Only often our self-coaching, rather than empowering us, undermines us. Being aware of this allows us to choose to become an enlightened coach for ourselves, in other words, to make a commitment to restoring our own well-being.

How do we coach ourselves to restore our well-being? It begins with cultivating self-awareness. It begins with where we are, right here and now. It begins with self-realisation. The truth always heals.

So, first of all we need to cultivate self-awareness. Are you aware of how you are feeling right now? Is this how you want to feel? Are you avoiding or masking how you feel? It may even be that we are addicted to a feeling of dis-ease, and are unconsciously creating ‘dis-ease’ scenarios. In either case, un-addressed emotions build up, until we can no longer ignore our dis-comfort.

Check in with yourself. On a scale of 1-10, how ill at ease are you feeling right now? Take an average day, how many moments of dis-ease did you experience today? Include the small moments as well as the big ones. Sometimes it can seem that our day is just a series of moments of dis-ease.

Once there is self-awareness we can move into self-realisation. Here, we coach ourselves to just sit with what we’re feeling and let it go. When we allow ourselves to sit with a feeling long enough, we are able to come to see its root cause. The root cause is, more often than not, a false belief. Seeing it, we have a choice to no longer be a victim of that belief.

Beliefs here are not truth. The truth lies behind our beliefs. When we then act on that truth our energy transforms and our feelings of dis-ease disappear. We can coach ourselves back to wellness.

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