What is influence? Is influence always positive? To influence is to have an effect on another’s thinking, mood or behaviour. Sometimes we confuse trying to control with influencing. Two Teachers It is that time – the end of break and time to get the children back to their lessons. One teacher decides to stand by Continue reading »

DNA of Success

What is success? Success in relationships, career, family, balancing of head and heart, personal development etc? However, do you ever find… a) that you run into conflicts of success, e.g., what being successful as a parent means versus being a successful in my career means? b) that feeling that there must be ‘something more’ or Continue reading »

Thank Goodness It’s Monday

Statistically Monday is the least favourite day of the week…Is it possible to go from dreading Mondays to enjoying them? Ultimately it is about enjoying whatever comes our way- learning, growing, sharing, giving, appreciating, connecting, etc. The Job? a) Ask: Why do I do this job? Is it worth doing? Balance the pros and cons Continue reading »

Influence: Winning Hearts and Minds

Traditionally, we link being influential to position and status; to our place within an hierarchical structure. Traditionally we are influenced by: -what we can see and measure i.e. scientific proofs. We tend to consider these to be ‘written in stone’ only if we look through time we can see how every now and then these Continue reading »

People Management

Task or People orientated? In extremes: -task orientated management leaves people feeling as if they are no more than tools to get the job done; that they don’t count. -people orientated management creates a holiday club; we don’t do anything. Total Quality Management = 100% of both! There is a good atmosphere (one of respect, Continue reading »

The Importance of Balance

There are the right and left sides of the brain, both being two separate hemispheres connected via the corpus callosum, a thick bundle of nerve fibres. The two should be in balance and work together. The left side acts like a serial processor, it is concerned with logic, details and the details of the details. Continue reading »

Being Tolerant – Part Two

Becoming tolerant: some more tips 1a) Make it your priority: to stay calm and to not lose your happiness no matter what happens! If this is truly your aim it will help pull you back as you check; ‘Is this truly worth losing my peace and happiness over?’ 1b) Take one aim for the day, Continue reading »

Curiosity: Da Vinci Style

Curiosity is wanting to know more about something. It is the desire to experience richness and find truth. Curiosity shows that you are alive. It is different to nosiness. Nosiness is to seeking those titillating details to distract yourself with indefinitely. How did Da Vinci discover so many things in a short time? a curious Continue reading »

Belief – It’s Possible

Beliefs are either limiting or empowering. They trigger feelings; change them and feel better. First understand how they are formed and then it’s easy to change them. Our beliefs about ourselves are the foundation of everything. External things make me happy, but why not be my own trigger and thus have the choice to stay in happiness Continue reading »

Self-Transformation: Dance Your Own Dance

Spiritual self-transformation is about improving my way of being and doing. To spiritually transform myself is to invest in my future. ***It is important to understand that I can only transform myself, not others. I am the centre of ‘my’ world and others of theirs. I can not control anything outside of myself, only my Continue reading »