Influence: Winning Hearts and Minds

Traditionally, we link being influential to position and status; to our place within an hierarchical structure.

Traditionally we are influenced by:
-what we can see and measure i.e. scientific proofs. We tend to consider these to be ‘written in stone’ only if we look through time we can see how every now and then these get re-written in stone.
-the carrot and the stick i.e the reward versus the threat

Winning hearts and minds: leadership

Passion comes in when we feel we are doing something of value and of good quality.

The questions to ask are:

  • Why am I / are we here?
  • What is my / our contribution?
  • How can we work together to generate something of value and that contributes to the world?

Leadership is about living your values – this creates a natural energy and enthusiasm.

Influence is about doing / being what you care about – when we do what we care about we are naturally motivated and this motivates others. Others are influenced by your example. You radiate!

See what is ‘inside’ and share this, this is to live your truth.

Seeing within?
Where is your attention? It is primarily focused on what going on around you? Are you also aware of what you are thinking and feeling right now? Be present to what is going on inside. Also, take time out to completely focus on ‘Who am I? What are my values? What do I have to contribute?’

Two things that can open the heart:
a) forgiveness– of others and of ourselves
b) gratitude- find 50 things a day to be grateful for.

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