Thank Goodness It’s Monday

Statistically Monday is the least favourite day of the week…Is it possible to go from dreading Mondays to enjoying them? Ultimately it is about enjoying whatever comes our way- learning, growing, sharing, giving, appreciating, connecting, etc.

The Job?
a) Ask: Why do I do this job? Is it worth doing? Balance the pros and cons and then decide. If overall it is worth being in this job then why not decide to invest in enjoying it? For example, you could choose an aspect of your job that you like very much and volunteer to do more of it.

b) Then again maybe it is to do with the people we work with? We cannot change other people though- we can only change ourselves. When we do not get on with people we need to realise that it is about us just as much as it is about them. Ask: What can I do to improve my relationships at work?

Enjoying Life?

  • Live in the present moment – Every moment is purposeful and significant.
  • Have the faith that everything that happens does so for a good reason – We are being showered with blessings only we do not see them because we are too busy with our problems.
  • Appreciate the things around you – people and life.
  • Spend time enjoying what you have – Not being afraid if losing it.
  • Appreciate each step of your progress – Rather than focusing on what went wrong
  • Take responsibility for the way you are and for the way others are with you, rather than blaming others.
  • We give what we have and others give what they have – We cannot expect others to give us more than what they have.
  • We cannot blame them for not being a certain way, or more precisely “our” way.
  • If people do something wrong it does not mean that they are bad – It means that they could not do any better at that moment.
  • Everything you do – You do for yourself.

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