Design Your Destiny


Do you believe that we influence our destiny? The answer is both yes and no. “No” because we can’t control everything that happens in our lives and the world. “Yes” because we can choose our responses and so ultimately the ‘type’ of person that we become. So, how do we move, from reacting to responding? How can we empower ourselves to influence our destiny? How do we step up to become designers or creators of our destiny?

How empowered we feel is grounded in how we see ourselves and life. Here are three exercises to give you a taste of how, by changing our perception, we can change how empowered we feel.

Exercise 1: Imagine a rack of 3-D glasses before you. One is labelled ‘happy go lucky’ and the other ‘the complainer.’ Then there is the optimist, pessimist, joker, drama queen and so on. Now take a situation, first put on ‘the pessimist’ pair of glasses. How does it look? How do you feel? Now swap those glasses for those of the optimist, complainer or any others you fancy. Just notice how different you feel in being able to, face and handle the situation, depending on the glasses you are wearing.

Exercise 2: Pretend that the world really is a stage. The play is called ‘Life.’ You have been given multiple roles to play: friend, entrepreneur, teacher, tennis player, mother, son or any other roles you are playing. Now, when you go to see a play or film you know that the people playing the parts aren’t the parts. They are all actors. You also know that each part in the play is unique and irreplaceable, only acting together is the play created. So, here you are an actor with numerous parts in this play called ‘Life. ’ Allow yourself to detach from all your roles one by one… When we detach ourselves from our roles, we can be more objective and see how we can play them better. We can in fact become creative in how we play our parts.

Exercise 3: Building on exercise 2, play around with the idea that I am not the parts I play, I am the actor. Who is the actor? We tend to identify with our parts. Instead seek to identify with the actor. Rest in yourself; the ‘you’ behind all these parts – the part of you that doesn’t change. When we experience ‘I’ the actor we can also experience the power of our core.

Our point of empowerment lies in our inner world. It becomes a game of changing how we identify ourselves. The more aware we become, of how the way we are seeing influences how we feel, the more we can become designers of our own destinies.

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