Energy In Times Of Crisis

In times of challenge/crisis/difficulty we tend to cry: why me?, then poor me!. These two thoughts pull us down (bring our energy down) and leave us feeling unable to cope and that things are impossible. So firstly we need to pay attention to not letting our energy go down. To these two thoughts. Then if Continue reading »

Understand To Be Understood

What is needed to bring understanding into our relationships and work? Love, a love from internal strength – not from taking. A love that asks: how can I help? – not why does no-one understand me? or why is the world like this? A love that asks: what can I do right now to bring Continue reading »

Positive Response-Ability

When I have expectations in my mind and they aren’t met I experience -create feelings of- disappointment and this leads to getting moody and not being ‘present’ in a relationship. Emotions are like heavy clouds. We need to define and contextualise these clouds as when we do this we can completely disempower them. These clouds Continue reading »

Resilience: Bouncing Back

Resilience is my back up to use in life, and for this I have to be prepared. If I love myself enough and want to be successful internally, I have to do my homework before a challenging situation comes. I have to make my mind’s muscles strong. Then, it’s easy to make decisions. 1. In Continue reading »