Resilience: Bouncing Back

Resilience is my back up to use in life, and for this I have to be prepared.

If I love myself enough and want to be successful internally, I have to do my homework before a challenging situation comes.

I have to make my mind’s muscles strong. Then, it’s easy to make decisions.

1. In a situation it may be that I need to rise above it, that is, change the perception of how I see things.
The key to being able to do this is to know myself beyond the external roles I am playing. I have to spend time going inside to access the skills/ tools within me as I cannot get inner strength from anyone else. This is where inner strength is born.

2. My mind is like a computer and is where everything happens. Spend some time to detox it in the New Year. 10 minutes in the morning and evening say, spend this time empowering yourself with positive qualities and powers by reminding yourself of them and emerging them:
peace instead of confusion; lightness instead of burden and pressure for example.
Even one second of experiencing of inner peace changes you, without hard work too.
a. Be serious about it and do it every day, otherwise your old inner habits will pop up.
b. Maintain and sustain it by stopping everything for two minutes at different time slots during the day.
Meditation is very simple but powerful. You can do it anywhere you are.

Your mind is and can be a holy place, a place where you want to be. Meditation gives you the strength to remove the negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with positive ones.
To bring quality to my life;
– Let me learn from whatever comes in front of me, when I learn the lesson it won’t come again.
– It is key is to realise that I am greater than the circumstances.
– I need to accept the law: If there’s a problem there must be a solution. It is my responsibility to find it and demonstrate to myself that I am stronger than the problem.

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